Blind Drunk Justish, Episode 7

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Uh…yeah, so first an apology.  This week’s episode is a bit on the short side.  We talked about the Yale anti-zombie policy, but the content was pretty unusable, even by our low standards, and we were going to talk about the guy who claimed the cocaine police found shoved up his ass wasn’t his, but the pot was, but instead just discussed whether we had talked about that already.

But, we do have a fun new segment to keep you entertained/annoyed until our next episode, a legal puzzler, because regular brain teasers just aren’t uninteresting enough!

So…what can I say?  At least this shit is free.

Blind Drunk Justice, Episode 7

Here’s the Florida jump pass in all it’s fail:

Can anyone seriously argue that intellectually property law should not be rewritten to allow someone, anyone, to get a trademark or a patent and then file an injunction to stop Trey Burton from doing that ever again?

Also, for the men of average sexual taste perverts out there, here’s a map of worldwide ages of consent:

And of course, if you like our show, you’ll probably hate this other one, but either way, check out the NKOTBs, Down By Lawcast.

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Blind Drunk Justice, Episode 6

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Normally folks, I’d give you links to all the things we talk about in this episode, but I’m still really hungover and it’s been an incredibly long morning/afternoon/editing hell.  So, you’ll have to settle with using the Google this time around.

But, I will provide you with a link to the ABA Blawg 100 Amici form, and the deadline to submit is 4:30pm central time TODAY.  If you haven’t submitted your amici brief yet, please do so.  For either me, BL1Y over here at, or The Namby Pamby, over at

That’s it, here’s your episode:

Blind Drunk Justice, Episode 6

And, since I have a couple minutes to kill as the episode uploads to the interwebs, here’s a picture of a nice booty sideline reporter:

Ohhh, the thing I scribbled down was supposed to read “piano teacher” to remind me to mention this tweet from the Blawg Whisperer:

A blawgger had his piano teacher neighbor send us a blawg amici ( People, that’s going too far.

Blind Drunk Justice, Episode 5

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Blind Drunk Justice Episode 5

This didn’t make it into the final version of the show (if you want to hear the full copy, piss off, you can’t have it), but we debated which is worse, paying income tax or not being able to get alcohol, and here’s a nifty little poll for your to half-heartedly voice your opinion.

The 16th Amendment gave Congress the power to levy an income tax.

The 18th Amendment prohibited the manufacture and sale of alcohol.

Which Amendment is Worse?

Loading ... Loading ...

And here’s some links:

Judge would like to order some diversity please, deanie says we’re dummies, animals are people too (just tastier, less morally relevant people), and Mississippi hates billable hours. Oh, and of course, the Alabama bar has pretty much zero standards.

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Blind Drunk(?) Justice, Episode 4

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Blind Drunk Justice, Episode 4

For those of you with some extra time to kill, here are links to the stories we discussed in this week’s episode:

Body guard sues Britney, BL1Y can’t remember his hypothetical MPRE question, a Jew and a queer walk into a bar, Latham and Watkins now on iTunes, a stunning new research tool, the ABA’s LGBTIJ backs the Uniform Bar Exam, Law School Transparency told to take a hike, and the Lawsuit Zues, aka: Jonathan Lee Richards.

Also, follow this guy on Twitter for no good reason.

[Update: See the comments below for more information on the Jewish American Bar Association, aka: JABA no badda!

And yes, I know I said "intentional infliction of distress" and not "intentional infliction of emotional distress," but really, is there a type of distress other than emotional?]

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Blind Drunk Promo 4

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It’s Too Late LOL!

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Blind Drunk Justice, Episode 3

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Blind Drunk Justice Episode 3

This week we explore exciting topics such as Facebook, dumb beer laws, the MPRE, Fantasy Football, Jersey Shore IP woes, and why no one wants to bang law women.  And if you think that stuff sucked, just imagine the parts that got cut out!

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Blind Drunk Promo, From Germany!

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Frankly, kids, making the promos is a whole lot more fun than editing the damn show…

Blind Drunk Germans

New episodes available every Friday.


Blind Drunk Justice, Episode 2

Posted in Blind Drunk Justice, News on September 3rd, 2010 by bl1y

Want to hear what it sounds like if you whittle 60 minutes of drunken nonsense into 20 minutes of radio gold?  Tough.  But, if you’re willing to settle for mediocrity, then have we got a show for you!

Blind Drunk Justice Episode 2

For further reading check out these awesome links:

Jobs for disbarred attorneys.

Scientology sues over being sued.

Lady sues over Facebook account deletion.

The freaking Constitution, because some people need a refresher.

Dude is addicted to game I’ve never heard of.

Something to help you get over your video game addiction.

Anti-American swingset removal.


And of course, Desktop Tower Defense 1.5, and N.


Blind! Drunk! Promo!

Posted in Blind Drunk Justice on September 1st, 2010 by bl1y

I love the smell of collection calls in the morning.

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Blind Drunk Justice, Episode 1

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Blind Drunk Justice Episode 1

Welcome to the next episode of Blind Drunk Justice, where BL1Y and The Namby Pamby discuss topics we’re really not at all qualified to have an opinion on.  This week we tackle the controversy over the opening of U. Mass School of Law, advice we wish we had been given when we started law school, and the fine art of over-billing your clients.

You can follow the show and get updates via Twitter.

The plagiarism story mentioned on the show can be found here, and you can find Brush With the Law on Amazon.

And didn’t we already have an episode 1? Well, it was a test show, so let’s call it episode 0.

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