At Least She’s Not a Wise Latina

Elana Kagan will probably sail through the judicial nomination process and be confirmed as the newest member of the Supreme Court.  But, hopefully along the way, women everywhere will learn something that men figured out a long time ago: having leaders of the same sex as you doesn’t really do shit for you.

Male heads of state draft men into military service and then send them halfway around the world to kill or be killed by the men of another country drafted into military service by their male head of state.

Male judges ignore jury sentencing recommendations and order the execution of male criminals, especially when those male criminals had female victims.

They do not send men candy bars and twenty dollar bills every month to solidify Team Phallus, as some women seem to think.  I’m not benefited by there being a male president, and hopefully more women will learn over the next few months that they’re not benefited by having another female Supreme Court Justice.

As CNN reported, during her time as Dean of Harvard Law School, Kagan hired 29 faculty members.  24 were male and 28 were white.  While we can’t know what motivations she had in making those hiring decisions, we can at least rule out that she was using her position to diversify the faculty, something many women expect from other women in power.  There’s a good chance Kagan will be a very moderate justice, and is already drawing some fire from the feminist left for not being more gutsy and actively progressive.

There’s one other issue to be on the look out for during the nomination hearings.  Kagan’s presence on the bench actually decreases the Court’s diversity.  I really want to see these two questions asked during the hearings:

With women being just over fifty percent of the population, do you think it is important that women be represented on the Supreme Court?

With Protestants being just over fifty percent of the population, do you think it is important that Protestants be represented on the Supreme Court?

Justice Stevens was the only Protestant justice.  Kagan, who is Jewish, will join 6 Catholics and 2 other Jews.  Activist feminists like to get all riled up over the under-representation of women, racial minorities, and non cis-heteros, and sometimes Jews and Muslims, but I doubt you’ll see many of the mainstream feminist leaders complain about the lack of Protestants on the court.

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