Collegiality My Aching Ass

What the frack is wrong with Badget Crawford?

She just posted on the Feminist Law Professor’s Blog one of the most inane things I have ever read:

1 If a faculty member is a great teacher, but is not collegial, then the faculty member is not contributing positively to the educational institution.

2 And if a faculty member has the gift of communication, and understanding of a subject matter, and scholarship in a particular area; and if a faculty member has intellectual interests, but does not engage constructively with others, then the faculty member is not contributing to the academy.

3 And though a faculty member may be generous with one’s time in meeting with students, and though the faculty member may proclaim himself or herself a good teacher, if the faculty member is not collegial, then an adjunct position may be more appropriate.

4 Collegiality suffers long meetings, and is civil when others are not; collegiality focuses not on the faults of others; collegiality does not promote oneself at the expense of others.

5 Collegiality does not behave unprofessionally, seek personal power, provoke easily, speak ill of others.

6 Collegiality rejoices not in failures by the administration or faculty, but points out and celebrates success and achievements.

7 Collegiality is open to different viewpoints, believes others act in good faith, hopes for the best, admits when one is wrong.

8 Collegiality never fails (well, doesn’t fail too often), stops or vanishes entirely.

9 Because each of us is right sometimes, and each of us is wrong sometimes.

10 When a proposal, program or initiative that is good comes, then the search for absolute perfection shall be done away.

11 Before I was a law school faculty member, I might have been a practicing lawyer; but when I became a law school faculty member, I put behind me any negative behaviors associated with lawyers who serve clients to make a living.

12 For now we see through a controversy, question or institutional challenge darkly; but then with an open-mind; but then shall I help others develop professionally even as also I am developing professionally.

13 And now focus on one’s teaching, scholarship and service; but always value collegiality.

I can’t imagine what sort of faculty drama inspired her to post this drivel, but it smells of passive aggression.  Aside from that though, we get a good look at what Professor Crawford thinks the role of a law professor is.

Even if you’re a great teacher, that doesn’t matter if you’re not nice to your coworkers?  Bullshit.  I bet the students think that professor contributes positively to the institution.

If you don’t share your ideas with your coworkers, then you don’t contribute to the academy?  Isaac Newton’s greatest contributions to math and physics came at a time when his school was closed (because of the plague) and he was left to think about the issues by himself.  I think we can agree he contributed quite a bit.

And really, demoted to adjunct professor because you don’t play well with others?  That’s just flat out retarded.

How about this as a theory of how “the academy” should operate:

1. If you don’t teach your students knowledge or skills that will be of practical value when they enter the work force, then

2. Get the fuck out.

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6 Responses to “Collegiality My Aching Ass”

  1. thenambypamby Says:

    If only you were the one making the rules.

    But then again, those who can’t do teach.

  2. bl1y Says:

    Those who can’t, teach, and those who can’t teach, teach feminist theory.

  3. Naked Dave Says:

    I got to 6 before I skipped to the cut. People write this sort of thing?

  4. bl1y Says:

    People? No.

    Badget Crawford? Yes.

  5. Bad Monkey Says:

    Wow, glad you saved some of it. Surprised she pulled it down, not in the slightest. Definitely not a flattering piece to have ones name connected too.

  6. bl1y Says:

    Normally I’m perfectly fine with letting people retract unflattering remarks, especially when they’re read in the heat of the moment, and it sounds from her tone that she was having a spat with another professor. But, I think her comments probably reflect her honest opinion about how she views her job. She is not in the business of providing a quality education, she’s in the business of academic fun time.

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