Columbia, Fuck Yeah!

Tonight I got to witness the penultimatum of an era.  At 8:10pm tonight the space station was visible as it passed overhead.

Now, given the number of times the International Space Station orbit the Earth, it might seem like no big deal.  But, it’s actually rare that you can see it.  IT not only has to be passing over the right part of the Earth to see, but at the right time of day.  Too early, and the sunlight washes it out; too late, and there’s no light to reflect off of it.  Since the ISS doesn’t emit much light on its own, it’s only visible when reflecting the light of the rising or setting sun.  You also need a clear sky to see it.

But, there’s some else that made tonight extra special: the Shuttle Atlantis was docked.  This was the last time Atlantis will be docked, and the second to last Space Shuttle mission EVER.  With the shuttle attached, the ISS was especially bright, as visible as Venus.

I was going to go in to a rant about why NASA is failing because the employees don’t give a shit about space travel and how Russia is able to do everything cheaper and safer, but honestly, I’m tired and just don’t care enough.

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2 Responses to “Columbia, Fuck Yeah!”

  1. Larry G Says:

    NASA is for smart white guys. If you saw the movie Apollo 13, you would know what I am talking about. And I think Charleze Thereon was the wife of an astronaut. I would not be blasting off into space if I knew she was at home waiting for me in the sack. Get real!

  2. Louis Says:

    Wha da fa? Larry, are you drunk?

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