Edit War: Battle of Latham

While edit warring got put to a stop yesterday with another 3 day protection of Latham’s Wikipedia article, the battle is still raging on in the Discussion page.

Right now it looks like information about the layoffs will make the cut, but that would be only a small victory.  I want to get in the drop in Vault rankings, rumors about stealth layoffs, and the fact that “Latham” is now synonymous with layoffs, as in “I got Lathamed despite having only good performance reviews.”

Feel free to weigh in on the discussions, but remember to keep things civil and respect the Wikipedia rules.

Since this is the first real fight over law firm Wiki content, it’s important we get in as much information as possible and set a good precedent for updates to other law firm pages.

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2 Responses to “Edit War: Battle of Latham”

  1. BL2Y (No relation) Says:

    I think you have to pick and choose your battles wisely here. Knowing wikipedia, the “lathamed” and rumors of the stealth layoffs are probably lost causes. Best bet would be to focus on the Vault ranking drop since that is verifiable and cited in the article itself. You could probably go about it in such as way as to indicate that while no specific correlation can be drawn, following the layoffs the ranking dropped.

  2. bl1y Says:

    Actually, I think I should choose my battles unwisely. Edit warring is over what makes it into the final article. But, no one worries about Discussion warring. Bringing something up in the discussion tab is an easy way to get information on to the page, even if it’s not in the main article. Anyone who reads the discussion tab will find that information. Not a victory, but not a total defeat either.

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