Reason Not to Go to Fucking NYU #1

On or about April 17th I sent a request to the NYU records office to have them mail a degree certification form to the Alabama State Bar.  It took them until yesterday to mail it.

On Wednesday the Alabama Bar sent me a notice that I had until next Saturday to get the certificate in.  Final deadline.  No fucking around.  Miss it and I get to apply for the February 2011 bar exam.

Mother fucking NYU, you dirty fucking whores.

[Also, NYU is over priced and doesn't teach you anything, and Peggy Cooper Davis has publicly lied about the contents and quality of the NYU Lawyering Program.]

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12 Responses to “Reason Not to Go to Fucking NYU #1”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    so you went to nyu law school but learned nothing?

  2. bl1y Says:

    On one of the earliest Reasons Not to Go to Law School I listed the things I learned while at NYU. I’m not going to dig up the list right now, but the most useful thing was that Emma Watson is legal.

  3. BL2Y (No relation) Says:

    Correction, NYU doesn’t teach you anything useful. They teach all kinds of social consciousness crap that has no place in a legal education curriculum.

  4. bl1y Says:

    Truth. One of the best things I learned was the language of the extreme left, which I can now use to more easily recognize bullshit (the extreme right bullshit tends to be much less camouflaged), and turn it against them.

    I like claiming that any politically incorrect thing I say is just “co-opting” the language of hate and oppression, and my use of it is intended to be ironic/hyperbolic, thus revealing the views I seem to express to be ignorant and misinformed.

    …Okay, actually most of the off-color I say really is with that purpose, but it’s still nice to have an ace in my sleeve in case I actually mean it…

  5. Marie Says:

    You may not have endeared yourself to them, bl1y. Once you graduate, you have to give them money. Did you?

    I didn’t think so.

    Besides, I’ll bet they gave you a scholarship, did they? All right then.

  6. bl1y Says:

    Actually, I yelled at the girl who called for the audacity of asking me for money even after I told the caller I had been laid off. I am on their do-not-solicit list.

    My scholarship was equivalent to about 1 semester’s tuition.

  7. Lawyer for Hire Says:

    My school cost me at least one potential job because they outsource their transcript services, but they charge premium $$ for a send time of 3-6 weeks.
    Bottom line: If you’re not giving them money, they won’t do anything for you.
    And that first $100+K you gave them doesn’t mean jack either.

  8. bl1y Says:

    What school?

  9. Olga Says:

    You must pay if you want to be serviced, both before and after you graduate. The law is no different than any other profession.

  10. SydVyshous Says:

    As an NYU graduate, I have had nothing but positive experiences with requesting my transcript (twice) and my health records. Both were sent within the week of my request.

    Sometimes, it’s HOW you ask and what you say (and yes, I understand you may have simply filled out a form as a request). I always include a nice cover letter, reiterating my request, and letting them know of any impending deadlines for which the request is being made.

    You are what you think — you get what you give.

  11. bl1y Says:

    Health records? Sounds like maybe you were an undergrad, not a law student, in which case you’d have a whole different records department.

    The law school ought to be aware of bar exam deadlines. Even if they don’t know the specific deadline, they know that they exist, and when a student files to have their degree certification sent to a state bar, it probably can’t sit on a shelf for over a month.

    Btw, the New York State Bar is really great with providing certificates of good standing. Really good operation they have there.

  12. 2L Says:

    I, too, went to NYU Law, and completely agree that the school teaches you nothing. I even had the unfortunate experience of having the very same Peggy Cooper Davis teach my Lawyering section, a class oddly named in that it teaches you very little about what is actually important to becoming a competent lawyer – legal writing skills.

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