Reason Not to Go to Law School #50

Here it is…the big one…are you ready for it?

There aren’t two good reasons to go.


That’s right, you shouldn’t go to law school because, odds are, you cannot come up with two good reasons for doing so.  I can come up with two good reasons to eat McNuggets (delicious and convenient), so if you can’t come up with two good reasons to spend 3 years and $100,000 on law school, you really should be reconsidering your decision.

So certain am I that no one will come up with two good reasons that I am going to issue a challenge to anyone out there who thinks law school is a good idea.  Send your reasons to, and I will explain, in detail, why those reasons are bad.  Don’t have two?  Doesn’t matter.  If you can find just one good reason to go, you’re at least half way there.  Send it in, and I will write a post explaining why you are wrong.

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14 Responses to “Reason Not to Go to Law School #50”

  1. Clay Davis Says:

    What if the person in question wanted to be become a politician (It seems most Big democrats went to top law schools)? Sure there is no good reason to become a politician, but that is a different matter. I’m trying to find something here.

  2. Spanish Opera Says:

    1. If you are an officer in the military and want to be a JAG, you can qualify for the LEP program and they send you to law school for free plus pay you a full salary, and you have a job waiting for you when you get out. Plus it’s a good job unlike working in a law firm or being a public defender.

    2. If you have money so you don’t need to worry about the costs involved, and you have a true interest in an area of the law-say you want to be a prosecutor or help the family business with contract negotiations, for example.

    3. You test well enough to get a generous scholarship and you aren’t doing anything particularly lucrative at the moment.

    4. You want to go into politics and the alumni connections from your local law school would give you the best shot at getting your foot in the door.

  3. bl1y Says:

    If you’re too reading impaired to understand what “Send your reasons to” means, you probably shouldn’t go to law school.

  4. Spanish Opera Says:

    You’re funny.

    Not taking your instructions seriously =/= reading impaired.

    I enjoyed reading about you shitting in your pants with your girlfriend in bed. I hope that somehow makes it onto the NYU alumni notes :)

    As for the “hot” girl that rejected you, most of that stuff isn’t your fault. But being a fat slob is all you. No excuse for that if you aren’t chained to a desk anymore.

  5. bl1y Says:

    The fat slob thing was a combination of the bar by my apartment having free pizza at happy hour and my ability to get people to buy me free drinks. My fault, but what else was I going to do?

  6. Vernunft Says:

    “If you are an officer in the military and want to be a JAG”


    the acceptance rate for JAG is like 9%


    you kids are adorable

  7. Marie Says:

    I enjoy BL1y’s comments, but would not want to sleep with him.

  8. Spanish Opera Says:

    The acceptance rate is probably [much] lower than 9% for mere law school grads.

    Since my friends do the interviewing for JAG, I’m guessing a have a better idea than you about how to get in.

    LEP = practically guaranteed acceptance. You just need to avoid failing out of law school/failing a bar exam.

    As for mere law school grads, right now, if you aren’t top of your class and on a journal at a top 30ish (minimum) school, your odds are slim to none.

    If you actually read what I wrote, haha, actually, if you read what you quoted, you’d see that I said “[i]f you are an officer in the military”. I never said if you’re some dumb shit law student who saw A Few Good Men and thought you’d get a lot of tail via wearing the uniform.

  9. bl1y Says:

    Only a dumb shit law student would think you get a lot of tail wearing a faggoty white uniform.

  10. Spanish Opera Says:

    Dumb shit law students also think they are going to get jobs. Everyone has a dream.

    Personally, I think most of members of the class of 2010 are more likely to get some tail from a Scores girl versus finding respectable employment. Uniform or not.

  11. skeptic Says:

    You should specify how specific the reasons have to be. The game gets pretty easy if you are allowed to add facts that create good reasons. (E.g., I need to earn a J.D. as a condition of getting at my multi-million dollar trust fund.)

    On the other hand, you make the game too hard by specifying that the hypothetical 0L is going to pay full freight. It is pretty damn hard to justify today’s outrageous tuition rates, but lots of students get at least partial scholarships and/or in-state tuition. Two reasons that do not justify a $100K expenditure and loan burden might justify a $25K expenditure.

    Quibbles aside, this is a fun idea. I look forward to reading your takedowns.

  12. bl1y Says:

    Since there’s no prize, I’m not really too concerned about having strict rules.

    If you need a JD to access a multi-million dollar trust fund, yes, you should go to law school. But, I think most people understand that the spirit of the thing is to identify reasons people are actually using.

  13. Strelnikov Says:

    Two good reasons: (1) you want to finish an “terminal degree”; (2) you want to commit suicide shortly after getting said “terminal degree.”

    Call it “Kamakaze Law.”

  14. Teri Says:

    Two reasons to go to law school at 50.
    Children and seniors. Currently, the interpretation and the implementation of the law is biased / skewed toward the strong (and usually selfish) demographic profiles. We truly lack empathy and understanding which were fundamental to the Very foundation of this country. To be there voice, a strong advocate with influence requires a law degree.

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