Billable Hour Factory Line Worker

Last week the ABA Journal ran a story about community pages automatically created by Facebook which drew text from the job descriptions in people’s profiles.  Quite a few cast a glum light on the legal profession, with perhaps “Slave” at Skadden Arps being the most telling.

The ABA Journal then posed a question to its readers, “What poetic, alliterative, & not-so-nasty words would you use to describe your position at your firm?”  And, as usual, when they posted this week’s question (about dress codes), they also ran last week’s featured answer:

In case the text from that screen shot is too small to read, it says:

Posted by “I used to list myself as a ‘billable hour factory line worker,’ because that pretty accurately describes life as a junior associate at a big law firm. You’re not there to produce great research or polished memos; you’re there to produce billable hours. But, since the economy happened, I’ve changed my job title to ‘welfare queen.’ “

It’s about time my licorice wit got some recognition. (And not just from the amazingly talented comedian Ben Corman, who kindly linked to yesterday’s post about not having it all.  Be sure to take a jog over to, read his comedy, and listen to his radio show with Dr. Rob.)

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