Congrats to Scott Brown (R-MA)

Even though Scott Brown pulled out an amazing victory in a very very Democrat-favoring state, Brown will be disappointed to learn that we’re far from getting rid of Ted Kennedy’s seat.

It’s located between Ted Kennedy’s thighs and Ted Kennedy’s spine, and I think we can expect it to take at least the next 50 years to fully decay.

And did you happen to catch a glimpse at Scott’s daughter, Ayla, during the victory party/concert?  She’s a former American Idol contestant (eliminated after three weeks), a basketball star (so much as women’s basketball has stars) and a bit of a hottie.

Political hot (Left – Ayla Brown) is definitely better than law school hot, but it still doesn’t compare to real world hot (Right – Courtney from Arizona State, Winner of the West in College Humor’s Hottest College Girl 2009).


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