Reason Not to Go to Law School #20

I know I’ve already covered that you won’t learn law in law school, many of the classes don’t even purport to teach law, and the professors are boring and thieves, but I think it’s worth saying one more time:

You don’t learn anything in law school.

And now, that well-spring of fantastic quips known as Justice Antonin Scalia has confirmed that the only reason the best schools produce the best lawyers is because they started with the best students:

“By and large, I’m going to be picking from the law schools that basically are the hardest to get into. They admit the best and the brightest, and they may not teach very well, but you can’t make a sow’s ear out of a silk purse.  If they come in the best and the brightest, they’re probably going to leave the best and the brightest, OK?”

And just to be clear, Scalia was talking at American, a Tier 1 university.  But, it’s rank is still far too low for most of the justices to even look at their students’ clerkship applications (there aren’t enough SCOTUS clerk spots to even cover the Yale law review members).

Before you start thinking that Scalia’s remarks just mean that your lower-ranked school probably gives you a better education than the elite universities, you’re wrong.  You get even shittier professors.  And even if you had fantastic professors, you’re still a second-rate student, and no law school can make a silk purse out of your shit-for-brains.

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