Food Fight: T.G.I Friday’s, Part 2

Yesterday I started a comparison of 7 different frozen T.G.I. Friday’s products, looking at the Potato Skins Boats and Mozzarella Sticks Travesties.  Today continues into the quesadillas, with both Chicken Quesadillas and Turkey and Bacon Quesadillas.  Each package contained two quesadillas, but to make the stats comparable, I’m again using the values for the entire box (as each box is roughly the same weight, though they list varying serving sizes).

Round One: Bad Nutrition



Turkey and Bacon:560


Chicken: 22g

Turkey and Bacon: 24g


Chicken: 56g

Turkey and Bacon: 60g


Chicken: 1060mg

Turkey and Bacon: 1200mg

Good Nutrition


Chicken: 24g

Turkey and Bacon: 24g


Chicken: 40%

Turkey and Bacon: 20%

Vitamin A

Chicken: 8%

Turkey and Bacon: 8%


Chicken: 20%

Turkey and Bacon: 20%

Round Three: Cost

Chicken: $2.98

Turkey and Bacon: $2.98

Round Four: Convenience

Both products had a microwave cooking time of 2 minutes.  Kinda.  2 minutes leaves the middle a little bit cold, and by then the tortilla on the edge is already over cooked.  They come with crisping sleeves, but that didn’t get them to heat evenly.  They can also be prepared on a skillet which takes a bit longer, but if you’re going to go to that effort, you might as well just make your own quesadilla.

The packaging on the two products needed some work.  Each box contained two quesadillas, and while you’re likely to just cook one and put the other back in the freezer, they were not individually wrapped.  I think keeping it in the open wrapper, stuffed inside the box will protect it, but it struck me as odd to put them in one bag.

Round Five: The Main Event – How Was It?

Chicken: Surprisingly decent.  The tortilla needed some work, and while the flavor was limited by the fact that it’s a microwavable quesadilla, it wasn’t at all unpleasant.  It’s definitely a step above a comparable Hot Pocket.  B

Turkey and Bacon: Given the Chicken’s adequate performance, I was surprised by the Turkey and Bacon.  The flavors were pretty similar, except this one had some weird, and very unappetizing onion bits in it.  Onion is the type of food that either has to be done very well or not at all, and you definitely don’t want to bite into it if you’re not expecting it.  C+

Remember to keep checking back so you won’t miss the final round of the T.G.I Friday’s Food Fight.  The final round will be between three different chicken products.

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