It’s the Money, Stupid!

In an article in the New Jersey Star-Ledger, Rutger’s Law Dean John Farmer defended the value of law school saying, among other trite cliche nonsense:

But the real value of legal education is not, and never has been, primarily economic. It’s not about money; it’s about freedom.

Legal education gives students what 99.9 percent of humanity yearns for but is denied: control over one’s own life. It is a license to make of your life what you may, to live the American dream to its fullest


Having control of your life means not having the few remaining years of your youth consumed by a crippling debt load.

Making of your life what you may means not being indentured into a profession you hate because it’s the only way to get the bill collectors off your back.

Living the American dream to the fullest means have economic freedom.

All of these things are about the money!

They’re all about the money!


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24 Responses to “It’s the Money, Stupid!”

  1. thenambypamby Says:

    He think’s an associate has control over his own life? Hardly.

  2. wlmingtonwave Says:

    legal career = money = living the american dream (outside of work)

  3. bl1y Says:

    l = legal career
    m = money
    t = time away from work
    d = living the american dream

    l->(mvt)&~(m&t), dm&t |- l->~d

    1 (1) l->(mvt)&~(m&t)A
    2 (2) dm&t A
    3 (3) l A
    1,3 (4) (mvt)&~(m&t) 1,3->E
    1,3 (5) ~(m&t) 4&E
    1,3 (6) ~mv~t 5DM
    2 (7) d->m&t 2E
    8 (8) d A
    2,8 (9) m&t 7,8 ->E
    2,8 (10) m 9&E
    1,2,3,8 (11) ~t 6,10vE
    2,8 (12) t 9&E
    1,2,3 (13) ~d 11,12RAA(8)
    1,2 (14) l->~d 13->I(3)

  4. Laura G Says:

    I would have to agree. I am not about to date (or mate with) a guy who does not make enough money to support both of us. Yes there is freedom, as the dean says, but freedom to take a job that pays money.

    I was dating a guy in law school that I thought would be a good catch, but then he said he was going to join the public defender’s office. I did not think he would make enough money for us, so I stopped dating him.

    I have the freedom (with my JD) to choose a man who will have the money to support me. That is why I got a JD to begin with.

  5. Debbie Says:

    Laura is right. I agree with Laura. We ladies need to stick together, and not just settle for the first guy who wants to marry me.

  6. wlmingtonwave Says:

    I think you are both right.
    I want to choose a woman who will support me too. That is my American dream.

  7. Robert Paulsen Says:

    As a man with a JD, I’m proud to say that I hid my money and prosperity from the money grubbing women in law school, and instead married an engineer, who has the money to pay for her own needs and wants, leaving me free to spend my walking around money on hookers and booze.

  8. Debbie Says:

    I want a guy to support me, Robert, not spend money on hookers and booze. That is why I would not date you or people like you.

    I believe in full disclosure. If you have money and a job, you woul dneed to tell me about it. I do not think your wife would appreciate it if she knew you were sleeping around.

  9. Lowest Says:

    I see Alma Federer followed over from ATL (Above the Law).

    As to the post, I understand the frustration– I do, really. I felt the same way 10 years ago with my T14 degree (and TTT grades) and student loan payments that took up a third of my paycheck. Back then (late 90′s) we couldn’t even deduct our student loan interest from our taxes, and the interest rates were 6-8% or more.

    Here’s the thing– (i) this is nothing new, and (ii) no one will stop lining up for law school. Sure, the law schools aren’t being straight up, but even if they were, the kids won’t listen.

    Complaining about law school’s “fraud” won’t change the system. You know what will? Changing the bankruptcy code and making student loans dischargeable just like credit card debt. There’s a reason third tier schools (like Cooley or John Marshall) used to flunk out a third of their 1Ls– because they knew the bottom third would never be lawyers. They still won’t, the only difference is now that debt is NON-DISCHARGEABLE. Complaining about law school deans is about as useless as King Canute’s fight against the tide. Now, if the bankruptcy code and the availability of loan dollars were to be turned off, we’d see something completely different.

  10. loooool Says:

    Yeah, female JDs are soul-sucking gold-diggers. It’s nice being reminded of that.

  11. Debbie Says:

    You Male JD’s are worse. They think we will automatically spread our legs for them because they have JD’s.

    That is so dumb. We also have JD’s so why would I be impressed enough to have sex with you?

  12. bl1y Says:

    Before going back to your regularly scheduling trolling, can’t you idiots at least acknowledge that I proved a legal career cannot lead to the american dream?

  13. Chris Says:

    Actually bl1y I was quite impressed with your logical proof, although you used non standard characters (& should be ^, |- is odd, you need to say pr when citing premises) and chose informal notation.

    Still, I maintain that your proof is only logically correct if you assume you have to achieve the American Dream (d) while working in a legal career (l). If you build up capital (m) while working, then quit your job, you’ll have plenty of time (t).

    (m^t) d

    P.S. You need to use upper case letters from P – Z for symbolic sentences.

  14. bl1y Says:

    Chris, I used the notation that the TAMU Logic Daemon reads. There’s a link at the end of my proof. It’s a pretty cool little program, …and my logic students crashed it a few times. :-D

  15. Chris Says:

    Whoa back up, you were a TA for a logic class? That’s really neat, I’m actually taking a logic class right now. We use a logic program that’s been in the department for around a decade and it’s actually fairly good.

    How did you end up teaching logic, were you a philosophy major?

    P.S. But that still dosen’t answer my question about the P-Z thing, have I been fed LIES?!?

  16. bl1y Says:

    You know what, you are correct on the capitalization. I thought it looked weird when I wrote it, but the proof checked out okay, so I didn’t think any more of it.

    And yeah, I was a philosophy major and our school didn’t have a grad program in philosophy, so they hired undergrads as TAs. The class was in a computer lab in a sort of “go at your own pace” format, with no lectures, and you just called over a TA when you got stuck. We had 4 tests during the semester you could take at any time. Your grade was based on how many of them you passed, as well as the number of attempts it took. Basically a letter grade for each test, and the +/- added on for attempts.

  17. Debbie Says:

    Aw, you are not such hot s***t. I won’t even THINK of sleeping with you!

  18. bl1y Says:

    If I’m not hot shit, then how am I such a steaming pile?

  19. Shark Says:

    Debbie, you wanna bone?

    You sound like you really need a good one, and if youre not going to get boned by bl1y, then I can give it to you real good.

  20. Slim Says:

    Debbie, stay away from Shark. He’s a looser. If you want, on the other hand to meet me, I am better than he is in the sack, and far far better than BL1Y.

    If you stick with me, you won’t be sticky in the morning.

  21. BL2Y (No relation) Says:

    Ah Debbie. Ever the shallow, annoying, superficial and gold-digging whore. Nice to see you again.

    Still having problems with the English language I see. You really do need to work on your proof-reading so that you don’t say brain-dead things like “We ladies need to stick together, and not just settle for the first guy who wants to marry me.” If you don’t see what’s wrong with this sentence, it’s no big shock that you’re in Pablo’s Downstairs Basement of Law working on a JD that you seem to have no intention of using.

  22. bl1y Says:

    BL2Y: Pablo’s Downstairs Basement of Law?

    I believe you’re referring to the kitchen at Groove next to NYU. But the cook’s name is Pedro, not Pablo.

  23. BL2Y (No relation) Says:

    No I meant what I said. It’s loosely affiliated with Mandingo’s Upstairs Unaccredited School of Law and Sausage Shop. It’s probably the only place that would allow a barely illiterate student like Debbie to matriculate.

  24. Dr. Rob Dobrenski Says:

    I’m ashamed to have gone to Rutgers. In addition, Laura G is beyond disgusting and should be shot. Preferably in the head or upper torso.

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