Let My Tortles Go!

Professor Eric Johnson (North Dakota), the same Professor Eric Johnson who needs Congress’s help in organizing his filing cabinet, has perhaps redeemed himself.  He has just released a new torts text book that is available for, get this, Free-Ninety-Nine.

I know professors research assistants put in a lot of time and effort in making text books, but it’s nice to see a professor deciding to not double dip in his students’ pockets by charging them $150 for a packet of cases that are in the public domain.

Click here for Torts Compendium Volume 1.

And, thanks to Professor Johnson for also posting a link to a free IP text, Fundamentals of Intellectual Property by Tom Field (Franklin Pierce).

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8 Responses to “Let My Tortles Go!”

  1. Debbie Says:

    This is good. Thank you BL. But I still have to print it out and read it. I always wanted to get a copy of the Palsgraf case, and now, thanks to you, I have it. Your not so bad after all.

  2. bl1y Says:


  3. Chris Says:

    Thanks for the links, I’ll look through the books and see if I find the material interesting.

    Do you have any recommendations on law books to read that will give me an idea of what my first semester of 1L will cover? Preferably something a couple years old so I can find a torre…er, borrow it…

  4. bl1y Says:

    No books will give you an idea of what your first semester will be like. Actually, Scott Turow’s 1L is good, so long as you stop reading once he begins suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

    But, once you’ve enrolled, my advice would be to pick up 1L study guides from any professor who teaches there, and read them the summer before starting to get a head start.

  5. Debbie Says:

    You should watch the movie Paper Chase. It is old, and there are no women in it with big roles, but it is pretty good.

    I liked the guy Kingsfield. He was a Harvard law school professor. That is the only really good law school.

    I once dated a guy from Harvard law school, but all he ever wanted was sex, so I stopped dating him after 3 dates.

  6. bl1y Says:

    Cool story bro.

  7. Chris Says:

    I’m not going to lie, I kind of assume Debbie is namby trolling you bl1y. Still, it’s hilarious with just a hint of melancholy due to the realism.

    However, I’m sure I will eventually watch the Paper Chase.

  8. Debbie Says:

    I am not a troll. I am very pretty. That is why men want to have sex with me.

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