Attention Whores

Dr. Rob Dobrenski and Ben Corman put out a new episode of Attention Crash Radio yesterday, and in their usual fashion, they couldn’t make it through the hour without talking about me.  But this time, they also talked about y’all too:

BL1Y has a new podcast out, and if you ask me, anyone who listens to that show, or even reads his website, is nothing more than an ugly, illiterate, mouth-breathing bonobo, and probably also likes Glenn Beck, and has a concave ass, and bad credit.

They go on to say a lot worse things, but I can’t remember where exactly in the show it is, so make sure to listen to the whole thing, twice if you need to.  Also, it might not be in that episode.  I’m 90% sure it is, but if not, try the other episodes.

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8 Responses to “Attention Whores”

  1. Angel the Lawyer Says:

    What’s their gripe with you… I happen to have a nice ars and hate Glenn Beck.

  2. evrenseven Says:

    He’s absolutely right regarding this reader/ listener. But my affection for Glenn Beck is limited- he serves one important purpose in my life. If anyone starts a sentence with “I was listening to Glenn Beck the other day…” I know I can tune that person out forever and never miss a thing of substance.

    Oh, and Angel, thanks for censoring all my comments on your blog. I guess the truth hurts *that* bad that you have to resort to censorship. Nice.

  3. Angel the Lawyer Says:

    I never censor. Hardknocks does that. I support her in her decision, but I would never do it. I don’t care how much it hurts. Since she’s my co-blogger, I can’t very well tell her what to do. She’s my equal.

  4. bl1y Says:

    This is why I prefer to be without equal. Race to the bottom fuckers!

  5. Shark Says:

    Yea, go BL1Y! Now where are the whores, and how much is it for a BJ?

  6. evrenseven Says:

    He doesn’t charge for a BJ because since being out of work, that’s the only way he gets any protein in his system.

  7. chris Says:

    I listened to that whole podcast in rapt anticipation of being insulted so I could write a caustic retort, yet instead they just had a minute long blurb that wasn’t even mildly offensive! Mildly!

    Guess what bl1y, I have better things to do, like listen to your podcast and read meaningless rankings of lawl skewl!

  8. bl1y Says:

    Yeah, my bad Chris, I know they said it, but it may have been on a different episode. Go listen to their other stuff, I’m sure it’s there.

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