Blind Drunk Justice, Episode 3

Blind Drunk Justice Episode 3

This week we explore exciting topics such as Facebook, dumb beer laws, the MPRE, Fantasy Football, Jersey Shore IP woes, and why no one wants to bang law women.  And if you think that stuff sucked, just imagine the parts that got cut out!

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16 Responses to “Blind Drunk Justice, Episode 3”

  1. Bill Says:

    I listened to this and clearly these 2 dudes need some ladies in their lives.

    Im sure the ladies would provide enough diversion so that this type of audio presentation would not be necessary.

  2. Verna Says:

    Women will not automaticly let these guys bone them.

  3. wlmingtonwave Says:

    You wouldn’t find the show funny if that is where you were from (I live 10 minutes where it is shot).

  4. bl1y Says:

    Given that we live about 500 miles from each other, I’m not sure how you can live 10 minutes from the show.

  5. wlmingtonwave Says:

    Well the first season.
    I do hate those orange fuzzy bastards,

  6. bl1y Says:

    Oh, you’re talking about Jersey Shore. I thought by “the show” you meant BDJ.

  7. wlmingtonwave Says:

    That was a rather presumptuous thing to think.

  8. bl1y Says:

    Your faith in your friends is yours.

  9. wlmingtonwave Says:

    have to admit, had to look that one up. except i keep imagining it in the yoda voice.

  10. evrenseven Says:

    I made it almost 10 minutes in before I realized it’s like overhearing a conversation between two drunks in the booth behind you at the applebee’s and all you wanted to do was take your best girl out on a saturday night to a nice place.

  11. bl1y Says:

    I know, it’s like a bonus!

  12. lolwut Says:

    you took her to applebee’s, what

  13. Verna Says:

    I would never sleep with a guy who took me out on a date to Applebees.

  14. chris Says:

    Lambasting those who failed the MPRE led to some laugh out loud moments, bl1y + drunk + caustic condemnation = winning formula.

    However, the trolling on this blog is reaching high levels for a site that is not a livejournal or 4chan. Banhammer?

  15. Vinnie Says:

    These fellas (INCLUDING CHRIS) are in serious need of dik.

  16. W Says:

    Banging a girl after Applebees is not that hard. At that point, her standards are already lowered

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