St. Anselm, Eat Your Heart Out

Yesterday I wrote a post discussing how x & (y v ~y) > (x v y) & ~(x & y), and for those of you wondering what that means, let me put it into layman’s terms for you: x & (y v ~y) is better than (x v y) & ~(x & y).

In a response to a comment left by reader wlmingtonwave about feminists and the LGBT camp hijacking issues that don’t really involve them, I said:

Feminists call it “intersectionality,” but really it’s academic imperialism, claiming every minority issue as a feminist one, be it disability, race, religion, age, or obesity (okay, not really a minority issue any more). Hell, they even make animal rights into a feminist issue. The area they’re trying to take over now is men’s issues.

[Emphasis added.]

Well, am I prophetic or what?

Today, on the Feminist Law Prof’s Blog, John Kang (Associate Professor, St. Thomas) posted a piece titled Manliness Part I: Anyone Call for a Knight? And, in that post he says this:

I know that this blog is called Feminist Law Professors but it seems to me that much of feminism as an ontology is also about masculinity or issues of manliness (consider that notwithstanding its title MacKinnon’s Feminism Unmodified is in substantial ways an untrammeled exploration of hypermasculinity and manliness).

Am I prophetic, or what?

Now, some of you may be wondering what that queer little word is Kang used: ontology.  Ontology is the philosophical study of existence, and to a lesser degree, the grouping and hierarchical organization of things that exist.  Actually, a much lesser degree.  That hierarchy and grouping stuff sounds a lot like what feminism deals with, but really, ontology isn’t so close to ground level.  Traditionally, ontology refers to philosophy about whether change is possible, and whether God is the type of being such that it would be impossible for him not to exist.

Kang doesn’t really mean that feminism is an ontology, what he means is that using obscure philosophical terms of art should act as a justification for trying to force the entire world to fit within the view of his ill conceived myopia.

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2 Responses to “St. Anselm, Eat Your Heart Out”

  1. evrenseven Says:

    how come Blind Drunk Justice can’t have this quality of insight?

  2. bl1y Says:

    I have to be in the exact right window of drunkenness. BDJ is usually recorded well beyond that point.

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