Blind Drunk Justish, Episode 7

Uh…yeah, so first an apology.  This week’s episode is a bit on the short side.  We talked about the Yale anti-zombie policy, but the content was pretty unusable, even by our low standards, and we were going to talk about the guy who claimed the cocaine police found shoved up his ass wasn’t his, but the pot was, but instead just discussed whether we had talked about that already.

But, we do have a fun new segment to keep you entertained/annoyed until our next episode, a legal puzzler, because regular brain teasers just aren’t uninteresting enough!

So…what can I say?  At least this shit is free.

Blind Drunk Justice, Episode 7

Here’s the Florida jump pass in all it’s fail:

Can anyone seriously argue that intellectually property law should not be rewritten to allow someone, anyone, to get a trademark or a patent and then file an injunction to stop Trey Burton from doing that ever again?

Also, for the men of average sexual taste perverts out there, here’s a map of worldwide ages of consent:

And of course, if you like our show, you’ll probably hate this other one, but either way, check out the NKOTBs, Down By Lawcast.

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