Job Posting Redefines Law Firm Hot

Yesterday I happened upon perhaps the greatest legal job opening ever:

In-house Attorney

Our companies accomplishments and rapid growth are based on the intelligence, creativity, and initiative of our dedicated team. You can become a part of a international team of in a cutting edge technology environment, with 120 Million users every month. Job location is in Cyberspace. Employee can work from a home office and be part of a multinational development team.

Project Requirements:

  • Active US bar admission
  • Good academic credentials

Project Description:

  • We are seeking a hard working, highly motivated attorney for general negligence and commercial litigation. This in-house attorney position will need to build our internal legal department.
  • The department will deal with the following areas: corporate agreements, Intellectual property law and trade mark law and other commercial matters.

Application process:

  • Application usually will be screened the same day we receive it.
  • We will reply to you no later than two business days to set-up a short interview.
  • You will then need to provide us a date/time we can handle the 20 min interview and a way of contact, either Skype (preferable to us) or a phone number.
  • For the interview – Please download and install Skype ( on your PC and make sure your headset is connected.
  • 1-3 weeks after the interview you could be hired!

Now you’re probably thinking “Sure this is a job you can do from home, but it doesn’t even talk about pay, what makes this job so great?”

It’s with, one of the internet’s biggest and most comprehensive websites.

In reality, the job probably isn’t very sexy at all, especially since you work from home.  I’m imagining a bunch of vanilla contract review and diligence.  But, if you’re looking for something that will really make you stand out in future job applications, “Inhouse Counsel, T ‘n A Flix” would be a pretty interesting line on your resume.  If nothing else, you’re going to get a lot more people wanting to interview you out of sheer curiosity.

For those of you who are interested, the job posting is here, but be forewarned, it’s on the tnaflix website, and is definitely NSFW.

Perfect opportunity for a robot pimp:

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11 Responses to “Job Posting Redefines Law Firm Hot”

  1. Lawyer for Hire Says:

    Applied. Thanks for the heads up. Will now struggle not to make that a pun.

  2. Duderino Says:

    Whoa I thought Mr. Gilmore was going to get his asskicked there for a minute.

  3. Aline Says:

    I would like a job here. Can you get me one too?

  4. Larry Says:

    BL1Y, can you please instruct us guys how to get our girlfriends to let us do them in the caboose? I am dating a mother of 3 and she’s big as a cathedral, so it’s not super hot for me. But she won’t let me go backdoor. Any suggestions?

  5. Nando Says:

    Bigger women – within reason – can be fun. By that, I mean less than 180 pounds. They also tend to have special talents. Anyway, since I am at work, I cannot visit the site. How much does this fantabulous position pay?

  6. bl1y Says:

    It doesn’t specify pay. I would say that it probably comes with free porn, because you’re working for a porn site, but you’re working for a free porn site, so you get the free porn either way.

  7. Larry Says:

    No one has answered my question directly. How do I get my GF to open her tush to me?

  8. bl1y Says:

    Be about 1000x more attractive.

  9. BL2Y (no relation) Says:

    Larry, have you tried duct tape and a mallet?

  10. Larry Says:

    Im not sure you understand. I have no problem with conventional sex with her. But her twat is too wide for me — 3 kids over the last 5 years. But I want something that is tight, but she just wont let me bang her in the butt, even with a condom. I don’t think I have to be more attractive to do that. There must be some secret someone can share that will cause her to loosen up.

  11. bl1y Says:

    You know how they say naturals make terrible teachers because they don’t know what the learning process is like, so they can’t teach people how to learn?

    Yeah, I’ve never had a problem getting girls to do anal, so I don’t know how to talk someone in to it.

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