Pod People

Those of you familiar with the podosphere know that it’s pretty much impossible to have a podcast that doesn’t involve me in someway.  I’ve appeared on Here’s What to Think with the Philadelphia Lawyer, Doc Rob, and Donika, hardly a week goes by that Attention Crash Radio doesn’t talk about me, and NPR is considering bringing me on for A Prairie Home Companion when Garrison Keillor finally kicks it.

So, it should come as little surprise to you that yours truly was a guest on the Down By Lawcast, the internet’s second best legal humor podcast.  Go check it out and learn what many of us know all ready: washing dishes does not prepare you for a job as a prep cook.

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6 Responses to “Pod People”

  1. thenambypamby Says:

    BL1Y: Attention Whore.

  2. bl1y Says:

    Money, drugs, attention, if someone’s pimping it, I’m its whore.

  3. shadow_hand Says:

    So will you be writing a book too?

  4. bl1y Says:

    And a screen play.

  5. shadow_hand Says:

    Confessions of a Robot Pimp.

  6. bl1y Says:

    Say pimp one more time.

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