Reason Not to Go to Law School #23

If there’s beef, cock it and dump it, the drama really means nothin’
To me I’ll ride by and blow ya brains out (brains out)
There’s no time to cock it, no way you can stop it
When niggas run up on you wit’ them thangs out (thangs out)
I do what I gotta do I don’t care I if get caught
The DA can play this motherfuckin’ tape in court
I’ll kill you – I ain’t playin’, hear what I’m sayin’, homie I ain’t playin’
Catch you slippin’, I’ma kill you – I ain’t playin’, hear what I’m sayin’
Homie I ain’t playin’

siennamillerThat’s right.  Reason #23 not to go to law school: You’re gonna get shot.

As of about noon today, Northwestern Law school is under lock down and swarming with cops after a man with a gun was spotted on campus.

Sadly, law students and guns go together far too often.

Just recently, a Temple law student decided to take a gun with him out to a club, got into an altercation on the street outside and ended up shooting someone five times.  Another Philadelphian, a U. Penn law student was recently sentenced to 10 years in prison after shooting up the door of his neighbors’ apartment.

On January 6th, a gunman took fire at a Las Vegas court house.

The man who shot up LA Fitness last summer worked as an attorney at K&L Gates.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Lawyers are usually depressed, neurotic, stuck in thankless, high-stress jobs, up to their eye-balls in debt, and saturated with drugs and alcohol.  And, apparently, they’re also packing heat.

If you go to law school, the odds that you will shoot someone or be shot yourself go way up.  But, don’t expect that to be in their recruiting materials.

To the students at Northwestern, I sincerely hope you’re all okay, and sorry you didn’t get into Chicago.

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