Blind Drunk Recap

For those of you new to the Blind Drunk Justice series (kinda sounds like a super hero club, doesn’t it?), here’s a recap of all of our old episodes, just in case you’re bored this weekend and feel like boosting our stats a bit:

[If any of them have trouble playing, right click on the download button and click on Save Link As to just download the file.]

The Pilot Episode – With discussions about best value in law schools, and fictional attorneys.

Episode 1 – Featuring U. Mass School of law and ripping off your clients.

Episode 2 – Where we talk about shocking your own nipples and how Scientology is a completely legitimate religion with no reason to sue us.

Episode 3 – An episode where we discuss The Jersey Shore, law women, and the MPREZ

Episode 4 – In which a Jew and Queer walk into a bar.

Episode 5 – With the infamous Constitutional literacy quiz.

Episode 6 – Starring some woman who wants to land jobs because of her nice booty, but also sue her boss for treating her differently for her looks.

Episode 7 – Giving you a complete guide to age of consent laws world wide.

Episode 8 – With some crazy people complaining that Mike Rowe is too awesome of a star.

Episode 9 – Where I’m too drunk to really discuss anything.

Episode 10 – Discussing legal outsourcing, because hey, they have Skype in India too.

And of course, if you don’t like Namby Pamby, Ben Corman of and I have started a cross over of our two shows.  (If you don’t like me, you can listen to Ben’s show with Dr. Rob, Attention Crash Radio.)

Episode 1 – With ol’ Fox Fuckface and private space flight.

Episode 2 – Where we learn who I’d go gay for, and why people need to get fired more often.

And here, by way of the winner of our gas pump puzzler, Bad Monkey, is a video confirming that people from Jersey (especially young girls with sweet racks) don’t know how to pump gas.

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  1. Karl Says:

    Your site doesn’t allow comments on older posts.

  2. bl1y Says:

    Not sure why, but your comment got caught in the spam filter. It’s now approved.

  3. Henrich Jonas Says:

    I enjoy these women but do not understand what they are saying. The women handling the petrol nozzle could be very entertaining.

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