Introducing Death By Podcast

You know you want it, you know we got it, so here it is, the first (third?) episode of a brand new podcast from Ben Corman of and yours truly.

Episode 1: Death by Sunshine

In this episode, Ben and I discuss the nanny state, how much better life is with booze, and how a little bit of sunshine can lead to happiness, titles, and butt sex with the homeless.

I’m looking at changing the audio plug-in, as it’s still a bit buggy. If it doesn’t work when you click play, just right click on the download button and save the file.

And of course, if you didn’t check out the previous two shows I did with Corman, you can find them here:

Blind Drunk Attention Crash 1

Blind Drunk Attention Crash 2

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6 Responses to “Introducing Death By Podcast”

  1. FuncDegen Says:

    Awesome analysis of a Mad Dog 20/20 hangover
    “It feels like someone is giving you a lobotomy with broken glass”

    In college before the invention of Four Loko we mixed MD 20/20 with sparks, which in the moment sounded like a much better idea than it does now.

  2. Bryce Says:

    It is never good to be drunk when you are in search of fresh pussy. Better to be sober, particularly when you head downstairs.

    Nothing in the world, repeat, nothing, is worse than rancid pussy.

    If your drunk, you won’t find out until it’s to late, and your head is stuck down there with your women keeping your skull in a headlock. UGH!

  3. Ellen B Says:

    You will NEVER get any from me. I call upon ALL women to cross their legs this weekend.

    No sex for the men until they respect us.

    Lets have a MORATORIUM on giving men our BODIES.

    Do we agree?

  4. chris Says:

    Oh my, a shout out on the podcast. Some day I’ll tell my children’s children about the day I was called out as the dutiful drone I am for telling Ben to F off.

    But seriously, nothing wrong with Potter Posts folks.

    Look forward to hearing more of this podcast.

  5. wlmingtonwave Says:

    The problem isn’t the four loko it is the stupid kids. As a huge fan of the beverage, I have to come out and defend it. It is just fantastic, but you have to get the right flavor. Lemonade and lemon-lime flavors really mask the bite of the alcohol. But I digress…we should give out a license for people to drink. If you are a dumbass and go to the hospital or get arrested, then you should not be allowed to purchase alcohol. However, most of us are able to enjoy a four loko before going out for the evening. Bl1y, for all of your hating, I would ask you to at least try the beverage before slandering it before the masses.

    All of this is moot, because the company announced they are dropping caffeine from the drink.

  6. Clifton Says:

    Corman knows his rap?‘t_No_Shame_in_My_Game

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