Blind Drunk Justice, Episode 13

I know it’s only been two weeks, but it feels like forever. Here we are again with another raging good episode of everyone’s favorite legal humor podcast.

Blind Drunk Justice, Episode 13

This week we discuss Why the Rabbi Crossed the Road, the fact that you Can’t Handle the Ruth, whether You’ll Get Dinged for reading Wikileaks, and how some jerkoff got nominated for the ABA Blawg 100.

This week’s puzzler (combining math and fitness to be super scary to lawyers) is a little complicated, and so you don’t have to try to figure out my drunk explanation, here it is:

You have an adjustable free weight (dumbbell). It’s basically a handle, and you put disk-shaped weights on either end to adjust it to the amount that you want.  The bar/handle weighs 2.5 lbs.  You have 5 disks for either side.

What is the maximum amount of weight you can put on the handle such that you can also adjust it to every 2.5 bl increment below that number?

If you think you figured it out, e-mail your answer to, and if you’re right, Namby will steal your answer and try to claim he finally figured one of these things out.

Also, there’s no trick with the fact that you put weights on both sides.  You have two sets of 5 disks, the sets are identical, and you have to evenly distribute weight on either end. So, for this question, just pretend you have 5 weights and ignore this detail.

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5 Responses to “Blind Drunk Justice, Episode 13”

  1. chris Says:

    The lead in to this podcast was great, and it would be difficult for me to express how ready I am for Diablo III. If you get a clan going let me know, I’ve run or co-run various guilds/outfits/clans/corporations in five different MMO’s so I’m adept at it.

    Also, I feel your pain on totalling your car over a tire. That said, I have an old car with little value and plenty of character and its difficult for me to imagine a single tire being worth more than the value of the car. Did you drive on the rim for a while and screw up the steering or what?

  2. bl1y Says:

    The other tires were old, so it made sense to replace them all, rather than have them all wear differently, so it was over $500. Less than the value of my car, but a big enough percentage where I have to consider if the cost of future repairs is worth keeping it.

    Just kidding! I don’t have to consider that because I has no money!

  3. Not a Lawyer Says:

    My husband gave me a gym membership for Christmas once! Bastard.

  4. Ruth Carter Says:

    Dear BL1Y and Namby Pamby:

    Thanks for mentioning and supporting Sponsor A Law Kid on your show! I really appreciate the positive press from the legal community. I’m glad I found your show – it’s way more entertaining that the other legal podcasts out there.

    You mentioned the possibility of sponsoring a day. I thought you’d like to know that the cheap days in January are getting close to selling out: I’d love to promote you or the show on my blog.

    Since you guys are podcasters, I thought you’d enjoy listening to a podcast that I was on earlier this year:

    Happy Holidays!

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