Congratulations, Pay Me

Yesterday I got a letter in the mail telling me about a mandatory CLE for all newly admitted attorneys in Alabama.  It’s 6 god damn hours.  Well, 6 hours of instruction, the total program lasts 2 hours, I assume there’s some time for breaks and whatnot.  8:00am-4:00pm.

The cost is $279.00.

Each year, the University of Alabama, Cumberland, and Jones Schools of Law produce about 440 graduates.  The combined pass rate of these three schools is about 92%, so we’re looking at about 400 newly minted attorneys every year.  Sure, some people will practice in other states, some people from out of state will come to Alabama, and some people will take the AL bar as their second or third state.  That’s too much math this early, I’m going to keep it simple.  400.

400 x $279 = $111,600.

And we don’t even get printed materials.  We get a fucking CD.  A CD?  A fucking CD?!

Who the fuck uses CDs?!

No paper, and a fucking antiquated piece of technology that’s just going to take up space and get scratched before I ever use it.  Thank you very fucking much.

And they don’t even validate your fucking parking.  Fucking $9.

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9 Responses to “Congratulations, Pay Me”

  1. Matt Says:

    I’m sorry, are you just catching on that this whole thing is a scam?

  2. bl1y Says:

    New York had a 1 hour mandatory program, free of charge. NY CLEs are also required to give discounts to people who can’t afford them, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

    Sure it’s a scam, but some scams are bigger scams than others.

  3. Ellen B Says:

    I would ask for RECEPROCETY. That will allow you to get CREDIT for your New York c.l.e. credits.

    I was given this for my D.C. bar credits.

  4. bl1y Says:

    It has to be this specific 6 hour class, not just any 6 hours.

  5. macvitula Says:

    You do realize that not all the parking is for pay, right? There’s perfectly good spaces around the hotel. Just bring paper for doodling and I fully expect to hear your opinion of the Abraham Lincoln section of the seminar, complete with a Southern accent worthy of 1940s Montgomery. Enjoy!

  6. Dr. Rob Dobrenski Says:

    Do you mean to say that the field of law involves an unfair fee schedule? If so, then you, good sir, are just a liar.

  7. bl1y Says:

    The fucking irony.

  8. Frankie Says:

    In my day we had to suffer through that shit and we didn’t even have wifi or smart phones. There is a bar in that mall though. . .

  9. Sherman Says:

    You poor sap! That’s horrid! I say bring an IPAD2 you bought with the 100000′s you bull I mean bill everyday, and surf the net.

    Oh and $200 that’s not that much in this legal econ is it? Its not like anyone is having trouble finding a job is it? :D

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