Where’s Billy?

Some of you may have noticed that my posting has slowed down considerably over the last few weeks.

You may have assumed that this could only mean that I’ve been spending my time assembling the greatest team of writers the legal webosphere has ever known in preparation for launching a new website.

And you would be right.

As Gandalf said, “Look for my coming on the fifth day, at first light, look to the East.”

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19 Responses to “Where’s Billy?”

  1. this guy! Says:

    Yea, you are just like Gandalf; if Gandolf where a whiny wizard who spent all of his time griping about wizard school, and the fees for being in the wizard’s club.

  2. bl1y Says:

    And if every billable hour were the length of a life age of the earth.

  3. Nevillem Says:

    Yea… that was definitely my first thought… if it wasn’t for your tweeting, I would have actually assumed you and Philadelphia Lawyer got drunk and killed each other in a bar fight

  4. thenambypamby Says:

    You kinda look like Frodo though.

  5. Ellen Says:

    I like the BL1Y. I do NOT like Bl3Y. He is very ARROGANT, and it is hard to beleive that BL3Y is a lawyer in NEW YORK CITY.

    There are alot of lawyers in NYCity who are always stareing at me b/c there are NOT alot of female lawyers who are as pretty as I am. They all say I cannot be a lawyer, but I am and I proove that you can be both smart AND beautiful.

  6. Will Says:

    Is BJD and Blind Drunk Attention Crash done then? I have already figured that AC Radio is no more.

  7. bl1y Says:

    Blind Drunk Justice will be returning this Friday. As for AC/BD (now Death by Podcast) and AC Radio, Ben has taken a new job which cuts into his dicking around on the ‘nets time. We’ll get ya when we get ya.

  8. thenambypamby Says:

    BDJ, now with themed drinking

  9. Nate Says:

    Taking over bitterlawyer.com?

  10. bl3y Says:

    I thought he said, “Look for my coming in the tissues next to my computer desk…”

  11. Ellen Says:

    Silly and filthy mind, I might ADD. FOOEY on that!

  12. bl3y Says:

    “There are alot of lawyers in NYCity who are always stareing at me b/c there are NOT alot of female lawyers who are as pretty as I am. They all say I cannot be a lawyer, but I am and I proove that you can be both smart AND beautiful”

    Ah Ellen, it’s present to see the dumb things you consistently post. Alot? Stareing? Proove? How it is possible to claim intellingence while at the same time writting more poorly than a semi literate hobo?

  13. Ellen Says:

    This websight does NOT have spell check, so I have to rely on my own typing ability, BL3Y. I do NOT know why you have to bash me, is it b/c you never are abel to get a date with a girl like me who is both smart and beautiful? Probabley. But that is YOUR problem, not mine. I have to many men all interested in dating me, and I also have to deal with work also. Men like you apreciate women like me after it is to late, after we have decided you are not for us. Men like you have to learn how to be nice to women like us. Silly.

  14. Clutch Says:

    Bl1y, are you ever embarrassed by the fact that Ellen, someone who claims to have a professional degree yet can’t belt out a 100-word post without it being riddled with typos, is apparently a working lawyer and you are not?

    I’m convinced that she must either be an elaborate troll, or else from Staten Island.

  15. Mike Says:

    Folks, Ellen is a not so subtle troll that used to post at the ABA’s blog. She had the same schtick there.

  16. Ellen Says:

    I am very beautiful, silly Mike. A troll is not attractive. And I am very smart. I work every day with the manageing partner at my firm. If I were a troll, he would not be stareing at me and want me to sit near him all of the time. He also buys me lunch and coffee at the Starbuck’s, so I know he likes me. Fooey on you also.

  17. christopher Says:

    If your site dosen’t launch at dawn on March 5th and reference the direction east I will be massively disappointed. Good to hear that BDJ is coming back, and hopefully new posts will mean more Ellen in the comments. I lost it at “Probabley.”

  18. Snarf Says:

    I liked “Ellen” better when she was “Alma” at Bitter lawyer. But I am not sure I can endure Guano Dubango panting after Ellen/Alma on this site. Please do NOT tell Guano.

  19. bl3y Says:

    Hello everyone,
    I just wanted to let all of you know that Ellen and I have put our differences aside. Not only that but we’re consummated our newfound relationship. I’ve gotta say, she is a wildcat in the sack. And when she asked for it in the ear? I was like, “Damn…”

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