Constitutional Daily is Go

New site.

Check it out.

‘Nuff said.

Constitutional Daily

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18 Responses to “Constitutional Daily is Go”

  1. Will Says:

    Looks like you have assembled a crack team of writers.

  2. Ellen Says:

    I would prefer NOT to have to go to that websight to read about the BL1Y. There is way to much information on that websight for me.

    Who needs so many writers, anyways?

    I prefer a cozy websight where I can understand each of the legal issues and this is that kind of websight.

  3. JP Says:

    At least the performance art will be limited to this comments section.

  4. snowmanrt Says:

    At least you came up with a lame name for the site…

  5. Bill Says:

    If that is the same Ellen that went to George Washington, she should remember that we had a number of drunken rendezvous in the M Street mall where we both got advanced lessons in anatomy. She is good looking, but dumb as a log. Ellen, you should remember me, I was the guy from Criminal Procedure who sat right behind you with the brown leather jacket. You were good. If you ever get back to DC, you can find me 3 nites a week tending bar where we got drunk.

  6. bl3y Says:

    Bill, sorry to break it to you but as I just posted on the previous thread, Ellen’s taken. She and I have put aside our differences. I no longer care that she’s dumber than a braindead herring and has the spelling abilities of the kid in kindergarten who sits in the corner, picking his nose while he eats paste. We have something beautiful and meaningful. I have never met someone who can be so creative and erotic with Velveta cheese…

  7. Bill Says:

    bl3y, a fool and her legs are soon parted.

  8. Ellen Says:

    I hope you are NOT talking about me. I do NOT have sex with any one unless I have a relationeship with them for a while and we are very serious about getting engaged.

    I do NOT know who this Bl3Y is anyway, and he is sugesting doing gross things with my body. Ugh. I have a reputeation to perserve, and this is NOT hapening with this guy saying that he has had sex with me. I do NOT even know the other guy, so that is another thing.

    I always have trouble with men who want to paw me and kiss me, but I do NOT let them. I hope the men and woman who read this web site know that I STILL have morals and do NOT sleep around.

    If there is any question, they can know that I am very much respected at my job and do work hard here. Fooey on BL3y and Bill whatever.

  9. Bill Says:

    I will bang any good looking broad who is smart enough to know when to open her mouth but also smart enough to know when to shut her mouth.

    This one is good looking, but clearly ain’t no MENSA. The trouble with women like this is that after you hump them, they think they own you and you get pussy whipped to death just because you have opened their golden door.

    Someone needs to stand up to broads like this and say “Look, you can have a good time sitting on my flagpole, but that does not mean you own me 24/7″. The price is just too steep with hi maintenance broads like I see in the profession. I much prefer a broad who does not mind being humped once a week or so, and then not having to deal with her again until the next time I want to see her. Sure I will take her out and haver dinner before going back for sex. That is fair. Good dinner on my dime before good sex. Aren’t there any broads out there just interested in just having their bottoms banged out without becoming high maintenance dames looking for a commitment?

    BL1Y, why don’t you tell us.

  10. bl3y Says:

    Ellen, darling, how can you say such things? Our time in the bathroom of Wendy’s was magical! Just you, me, our chocolate shakes (those were chocolate shakes, right?) and the giant stuffed bear you always carry around. How can you act like that never happened?

    Bill, everyone else, she’s just a little off today. Must have been the morning romp we had. I do have to mention, that thing she did to make fresh squeezed orange juice, was novel and original to say the least.

    However, as it seems to be important to you to maintain your “reputeation” I will play along. Just so long as I get the good stuff when you get home…

  11. Harry Says:

    Why don’t you get a room BL3Y? We don’t care to relive the sexual exploits the rest of us undertook in junior high.

  12. bl3y Says:

    Wow, Ellen really gets around, huh? First Bill, now Harry? It’s ok though because we’re actually engaged!

  13. Snarf Says:

    Constitutional Daily is too WIDE and cluttered, like a menu with too many choices (subconcsiously telling me that they are offering too much and none is really that good). This misbegotten son of camel’s dung humbly suggests the margins be narrowed. Also, you could link to some worthwhile documents, like new USSC opinions or an ad offering money for a video of this “ellen” aka Alma.

  14. bl1y Says:

    Also, the Wall Street Journal has too many pages! Harumph!

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