Entourage Predictions

The new and final season of Entourage is starting up next month, and I wanted to make a prediction about what will happen. Why?

Because if I’m right, I can use this post as evidence of my intellect and prescience. And, if I’m wrong, the graveyard rule applies, and no one will give a fuck.

So here we go: Vinny Chase’s career as an actor will be over.

And here’s why:

At the start of the series, it was a story about a hot shot young actor, and three friends who mooched off of him. E was Vinny’s manager, Turtle worked as his gopher, and Drama used Vinny’s stardom to reinvigorate his own career (and used his money to float him financially). The entire series has been a progression of the characters as they outgrow their need for Vinny. Turtle gets into the rap artist management biz, then goes to college for a business degree, then starts his sexy driver service, then gets into the tequila business; he hasn’t been successful, but he’s been working towards becoming his own man. Drama has a series of increasingly successful acting jobs, going from small rolls in Vinny’s movies, to a quickly canceled show, and finally to a green lit show he’s starring in that looks like it will last the rest of the series. And of course E, he’s picked up a couple extra clients, lost them, but is now working at firm where it’s clear his future does not even require keeping Vinny as a client.

The only character that has stagnated has been Vinny. He basically served as a plot device. The story is primarily about Eric. Vinny might be the movie star, but Eric is the protagonist. In addition to evolving a lot more than Vinny, just look at the plot. Everything that Vinny is involved in, Eric is also at the center of. But, there’s plenty of stuff that goes on in E’s life that doesn’t concern Vinny one bit.

Vinny is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Only in season 7 did he get a meaningful character development. For all the ups and downs of his career, he has been mainly a passenger. Eric is the one who sets things in motion and deals with the consequences.

So, the question is, in the end, what meaningful resolution could there be? Eric, Turtle and Drama will each find their way. Eric will likely become a partner of a management company, Drama will have his show renewed, and Turtle will …find something, probably not the tequila business; I’m thinking something new, or something that was only a small part of an earlier episode, like party promoting.

But Vinny? He’s still a young actor. Even if he gets back on his feet, that just puts him back where he’s been so many times before. That’s not very compelling. The only direction for his career to go is down. I don’t think it will be the drug thing. My best guess is that he dies, and at the end of the series, the characters mourn his death, but also realize that they no longer need him to live.

As soon as he is no longer needed, he dies. Consider it a metaphor for Hollywood.

Maybe not death, but definitely something that permanently ends his career. Perhaps prison. Either way, the end of the series will be the entourage realizing that their lives go on.

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85 Responses to “Entourage Predictions”

  1. Ellen Says:

    I will only CONGRATLATE you when I see the eppisodes MYSELF. You sound like a somewhat smart guy, BUT I will researve judgement until I see the TV itself.

    You do NOT see a WOMEN makeing these predicktions; we are MUCH more humbel then men.

    And what does ANY of this have to do with LAW? Fooey!

  2. Pig Says:

    That’s depressing.

    Vinny reminds me of a lot of rich kids that plateau, but he was always generous, decent and rarely demanding. Almost like a parent, he floated these guys until they were able to stand on their own. He emerged from the flop of his big movie to see his older brother banging that girl and was happy for him and not whining about his own flop.

    He had his mid-life crisis with that (unshaved) slut, and like the parent that goes off the deep end, lost his sunny view of the world for a while. I don’t identify with this guy, who has had it relatively easy, but it would be a tragedy if he dies.

    But if a bitter ending is needed, Vinny is dumped by the slut, and on probation in some dingy halfway house apartment, his career shattered, his agent drops him, a director tells him he is “too old” now, people not talking to him and coterie gone. That’s even more bleak.

    Or Vinny is jailed, dumped by the slut, and unable to find work, becomes a C grade porn star in a shabby palce where they film them with shabby people and learns he is HIV positive.

    I personally hope he does well: I like upbeat endings.

    But if he does check out, who gets the Lincoln?

  3. Li Yuan Says:

    What this? Why this Vinny discuss? When this be law, no?

  4. JP Says:

    Well, at least we are on a new topic here. Since I pay no attention to whatever show we are talking about (I’d be in a much better position to discuss The Bachelorette, which my wife watches).

    So, I will get back into my favorite subjects, economics and the stock market.

    Since Not A Lawyer seems to at least work in a non-banking capacity in a formerly IBank now TPTF Actual Bank (JPM or the like), and is in the unique position to be the only person on this site who has a greater than 50% chance of being an actual woman, I will direct this question to you.

    The leading indicators are showing a general slowdown in economic activitiy and whenever Bernake opens his mouth the market drops. Plus QE II is at an end.

    So is the general feeling at whatever former IBank you operate that we are going into another recession or are we simply flatlining at the moment? And is long term economic growth going to be 2% forever with interest rates at 0% forever?

    And Pig, feel free to chime in.

  5. pig Says:

    I can’t use the industry language and I am no banker. But it seems to me that we propped up the economy on debt since 2000 after the .com bust, again in 2011, and expanded it on debt from fannie and freddie, and when the bubble popped in 07, we printed money like wildfire to prevent a credit contraction and borrowed trillions abroad. Now the chinese and pimco are avoiding US debt buys.

    Are we like the man who is borrowing his credit card debt payments from a loan shark and at the end of his limits?

    what do we do when we can’t borrow anymore, or as much, or get put on a payment plan like greece?

    Where will jobs come from?

    The US consumer propped up the economy from 1994 by liquidating his/her savings, then spending on borrowed second mortgages. We bought a lot of useless junk and didn’t reinvest much in plants or manufacturing. We were told all those cheap goods were great and never mind about the jobs moving to Mexico and China.

    Now there are no savings (not much anyway) and the liquidity of second mortgages is gone too.

    We dont’ have endless manufacturing concerns to sell things to foreigners so where does the money come from to pump the economy?

    I know we are borrowing it and printing it, but that can’t go on much longer can it?

    And our service jobs aren’t cutting it. Half of the “new” jobs in May were from McDonalds. The old blue collar manufacturing jobs aren’t there. The high end service jobs aren’t either since we’ve liquidated the manufacturing base that made them necessary.

    Whatever the answers, I watch the erosion of jobs: Los Angeles used to have a GM assembly plant, a US Steel fabrication plant, and a big Mcdonnel Dougas plant. Not anymore. Those jobs are gone to places where, for better or worse, there are fewer unions demands, fewer government agencies measuring particulates withing 1000 feet of the smokestacks and fewer wage and hour laws.

    With them went a flow of money that supported workers, taxes, property taxes and charity contributions. And more like them leave every day.

    Our furniture manufacturers–the legacy of our manufacturers–are getting creamed by Chinese sellers.

    This is just the jobs end: inflation is another story and i can’t see how its not due soon.

    Foreigners will buy homes here with money worth something and tourists will come through saying “everything is so cheap here!”

    Yeah i make Peter Shiff look like an optimist.

  6. boring nonsense is boring Says:


  7. Hank Says:

    Lets get some good looking broads to comment. This way the doosh above will get excited.

  8. Pig Says:

    Boring nonsense is boring?

    Hey Barney Fife: I don’t want to stop you from going to the bingo game. Or wondering if imaginary Ellen’s breasts are the same size.

    But if i’d told you 50 years ago that we’d go off gold because we printed too much money in the 60′s causing foreign redemptions to threaten the gold supply…we’d move from a creditor nation to a debtor nation…US automakers would sink from 90% of the US sales to…wherever they are now… the main support for the US economy would not be sales to foreigners but US consumers buying goods on credit…which they don’t have much of anymore…that the government could spend over a trillion dollars of borrowed money in 2010 and unemployment would barely move… and people are buying less US debt…you’d say ….”

    “But I want to know about Ellen’s breasts!”

    OK me too. So here is the next question: what is more important in a woman to you Hank/JP with all else being equal: (a) attractive face with minimal breasts or (b) great breasts and OK face?

    And if we haven’t lost all the women, I want to know, from behind the veil of anonyimity, what is the abosolute best thing a man can do as a pick up line/act short of looking like Brad Pitt? (ellen, you don’t get to vote here)

  9. Hank Says:

    I go for looks. Boobs are important, but if the face looks like the grill of a 18 wheeler, I am not going to just want to squeeze or bone the boobs alone. So unless the broad has no boobs at all, I’ll settle for the smaller boobs. After all, once you’ve warmed up the broad with a little foreplay with the boobs, they’re usually dying for you to head downtown, and it’s what you do yourself downstairs that makes all the difference. Besides no one wants to bone an ugly broad even if she has nice tits.

  10. Alma Says:

    You men are dissgusting. We women are not like Perdue Chickens. We are more than body parts available for you to fondle and poke at. That is why I would never give my body to any man who was not in a comitted relationship leading ot marriage. The thought of some fat smelly guy laying on top of me panting and sweating is enough to make me go to the convent for good. I cannot fathom the thought of any of you losers groaning and moaning while trying to get off sexually. You men are total losers!

  11. yikes Says:

    I do not fondle my perdue chicken. What kind of a perv are YOU, Alma?

  12. pig Says:

    you can be on top alma.

  13. Alma Says:

    I insist that any man I date be clean, presentable and have a decent job (tho not necessarily a lawyer).

    None of you imps fit that description.

  14. Pig Says:

    I am 6′, blue eyed, shower every day, and make enough to pay for an ungodly number of cars. But I insist that women I date not be bipolar snobs.

    Both JP and I like normal women (meaning not flipping weird), and we both like educated women but disdain crededtialists.

    We have standards for normal women: they are probably the same ones women use to see if we are normal.

    I don’t think you’d pass meet those Alma. One day I am going to oepn a net dating site called “normalpeople.com” and we will exclude snobs, boors, obessives and people with loose screws, no matter how good looking they are.

  15. JP Says:

    I’m 6′, blue-green eyed, and I shower every day.

    I don’t make enough to buy many cars, but that’s because I represent bipolar people and currently work for someone else rather than work for myself.

    In other news, the U.S. economy may be veering into recession. Not that it ever really left recession.

    I wonder if Not A Lawyer is still employed with an ex-IB TBTF.

  16. Alma Says:

    I think both of you are the same wimp. Either that or you go around holding each other’s miniature penis all day.

    What makes you think I would be interested in either of you? I am NOT. I have plenty of men sniffing around me all of the time looking for some kind of opening, but I am very careful in not letting anyone close to me who is not interested in making a commitment.

  17. Pete Says:

    Ask bl1y if he has ever gone to an Andre Williams concert. If this guy is really from ‘Bama, he will surely have relaxed paths with that other homey. Well, bl1y, do you know old Andre?

  18. JP Says:

    Well, I’m not Alma, that’s for sure.

    The comments section on BL1Y.com is no longer being supervised by BL1Y.

    That’s why we can get over 100 comments now.

  19. Pig Says:

    Blue-eyed wimp here.

    BL1Y is using twitter. I think he tolerates this site but he is hardly interested in it.

    One thing seems certain: we have a lost generation of lawyers that will never get the big firm jobs they thought they had in the bag. And a lot of people that won’t get law jobs even at smaller firms. Despite all those years and all that debt, they are in a near jobless market.

    Partnership? Ha! The track is more demanding now, and the eye of the needle even narrower.

    Senior lawyers are hoarding their work and clients as well, drying up the work flow that usually went downward several levels.

    We have law schools from distant states emailing us about jobs. The law schools really did lose touch and assumed the endless flow of lawyers could go on forever.

    Will law schools finally get their act together and admit fewer people? Do they boot out all the faculty fluff–PhD’s, non-practicing lawyers, poliSci majors, “interdiscplinary studies” majors, and other non-practicing flakes– they’ve put on their faculty over the last few years?

    I am all for a few god profs in con law maybe, but to have people who’ve never done a deal teaching property or Civ Pro is a joke.

    What basis is there for taxpayers to continue to flood their states with untrained, unemployable lawyers?

    And while we’re at it, what basis is there for funding useless law reviews? No one reads them or cites them. What a bloody waste. Law review articles are now the aesthete end of the profession: like grad students in philosophy who tell each other at lunch “I am writing a paper…” on some useless subject.

    JP: if you’re done being a wimp, do you see any way this slump does not worsen over the next 4 years?

    Alma: go back to your paralegal job.

  20. Alma Says:

    I will NOT surrender my body to any man who will not commit to marry me. Fooey on you men who just want to use women for sex, but guess what, we are NOT disposable.

    We are human beings that have feelings, and that want to have children and a family. We are not just portable vulvas available for your sexual pleasure.

    Fooey on you men! Fooey!

  21. JP Says:

    The economy is on life support, which means that it’s going to remain relatively stable as long as the federal government is able to originate a massive amount of debt at 0% – 4% interest.

    As this point, I can’t tell whether we are going into a double dip recession or not. A normal expansion doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

    I figure we are going to get what amounts to 2% real GDP growth for now until the debt overhang goes away. At this rate, that will be by 2025.

    On the plus side, if the stock market enters another bear market this year, it won’t be as bad as the last bear market. Because the system is alread on life support.

  22. Hank Says:

    Andre Williams is a cool old dude, has his roots way down South.

    If BL1Y is really a southerner, he would know him. Here’s a YOU TUBE VIDEO WORTH LISTENING TO.


  23. pig Says:

    SO DSK was innocent? Framed by the Maid? Even I am feeling sorry for him now.

    But I won’t be taking Ellen to the Sofitel until it hires some new maids.

  24. Pete Says:

    Q: why do they call ellen’s bra a “Wonder Brar”?

    A: because when she takes it off, you wonder what happened to her tits!

  25. pig Says:

    then how come every second post she puts up is her whining about dessicated partners hungrily looking down her blouse?

  26. Hank Says:

    This reminds me of a good story:

    There is a man who has three girlfriends, but he does not know which one to marry. So he decides to give each one 5000 and see how each of them spends it.

    The first one goes out and gets a total makeover with the money. She gets new clothes, a new hairdo, manicure, pedicure, the works, and tells the man, “I spent the money so I could look pretty for you because I love you so much.”

    The second one went out and bought new golf clubs, a CD player, a television, and a stereo and gives them to the man. She says, “I bought these gifts for you with the money because I love you so much.”

    The third one takes the 5000 and invests it in the stock market, doubles her investment, returns the 5000 to the man and reinvests the rest. She says, “I am investing the rest of the money for our future because I love you so much.”

    The man thought long and hard about how each of the women spent the

    money and decided to marry the one with the largest breasts.

  27. JP Says:

    Hellasious (Hell as IOUs) thinks that someone did it to DSK beint that there aren’t coincedences like that in the world of international finance.


  28. Hank Says:

    Where is BL1Y when we need his opinion about Pussy Stank?

  29. Not a Lawyer Says:

    My Goodness! Look at all I’ve missed! I’ve been busy wrapping up loose ends and talking to other banks before I inevitably get canned, rather than dicking around on this blog. Priorities. You understand.

    Where to start? JP Yes, the economy is f*cked. The big firms have so many different business lines, some of which are very profitable, so they will survive on their diversity – no doubt. My firm is huge into commodities, commercial real estate, M&A, as well as investment banking. My next job will at another TBTF bank down the street.

    Alma, did you eat Ellen? You sound just like her. And I don’t think anyone expects you to be underneath fat smelly guys, but if want to date, you’re going to have enjoy yourself so that HE can enjoy you. If you don’t prove yourself compatible and likeable, he will never marry you. Who wants to take that risk?

  30. Ellen Says:

    I have been here, but I did NOT want to dignefy some of the gross men with responses. It is not my fault that men act like diks and want to have sex with me. I do NOT encurage any of that.

    Instead, I like for men to like me for me, not for just sex. Look at these losers; do you really think that I would want to have sex with any of them. NO. I want a relationship, not meaning less sex. If the men are NOT abel to know this, then to bad for them.

  31. Pig Says:

    “Gross men”? Ellen, you must be talking about Hank, although some of his jokes have gotten better. He hasn’t driven Not A Lawyer away either. Admit it Ellen, you are just dying for Hank to raffishly rip your blouse open and throw you on the bed, like the swine in some bodice ripping knave in a cheap novel.

    As to waiting for the economy to improve, how can it when business people are beaten with sticks for doing things that will make it better?

    Boeing’s move to NC: it moves to a low cost state where it won’t have strikes every three years. The feds say that is “retaliation” and sue to make Boeing to back to seattle. Forcing Boeing back to overpaid strike-prone machinists is surely the way to improve Boeing’s competitive position in the world.

    NLRB’s move will doubtless generate a flood of investment in Seattle–”you can start here but never leave.” The US will benefit for sure: if I was a Euro investor, that NLRB move would lure me from Singapore and what not, uh huh.

    In LA BMW just shut down a parts facility so we are out another 1500 jobs. TThe LA Times, which is still in bankruptcy, is whining about how “unfair” it is for BMW to do that. Given our high taxes, incompetent city government, state debt and soon to be soaring electricty rates here in California, BMW should obviously hang around to be taxed and sued some more.

  32. JP Says:

    There really isn’t an innovation wave in the economy right now.

    What’s hot?

    Google/Twiitter/Facebook/Apple and that’s about it.

    Collectively, they employ about what? 10,000 people?

    I’m not that worried about our current problem. I think the real future problem is peak cheap energy.

    At least this is only a financial/debt mess right now. Just wait until we all get to transition from abundance industrialism to scarcity industrialism.

    Maybe we get a commodity bust that solves our current expensive oil problem.

  33. Hank Says:

    Q. Did you hear about the gay rabbit?

    A. He found a hare up his ass.

  34. Not a Lawyer Says:

    Agreed Pig – Boeing being sued by the NRLB is disgusting maneuver designed to protect just a few. I knew they should have come to Texas.

  35. Alan Says:

    Let’s get some fresh material here. I don’t want to have to sniff around Alma any more.

  36. Pig Says:

    Alan: you could always (a) toss in your 2 cents on what happens to Vinny; (b) tell me what we ought to serve as a main course at the “Sumptious Dinner at the Remote but Luxurious Mansion” where we will all gather: I am now looking to find enough old Rolls Royce limousines and deferential cap-doffing chauffers to drive everyone.

    I mean I need some feed back here:

    Chicken beef or fish? What kind of fish? Does anyone want veal scallopini? Asparagus OK?

    Coltish maids or old dignified butlers?

    What do we do if Not A Lawyer is the only women that shows up?

    What if Ellen really is a man with man boobs? I am all for personal preferences, but I don’t want to sit next to a transvestite no matter how big her breasts are.

    Can we smoke cigars or will that bother Not a Lawyer?

  37. Alan Says:

    Well, I will take the beef. But no stanky beef curtains, please. And I can’t deal with a broad like Alma. Had a girlfriend who always held her boobs up for ransom. The price of admission to the fun house just wasn’t worth it so I dropped her. That was an Alma type.

  38. Alan Says:

    I forgot to add one other tid bit that reminds me why I don’t want to bang any chicks like Alma any more.


    Q. What’s soft and warm when you go to bed, but hard and stiff when you wake up?

    A. Vomit

  39. JP Says:

    Why would we even want to comment on the acutal BL1Y blog post?

    I thought that the comments section existed solely for us to talk to each other about financial topics.

  40. JP Says:

    I went to a client’s party once with horse drawn carriages.

    Shouldn’t we be using horse drawn carriages?

  41. Pig Says:

    Alan, women with breasts too large will be excluded: we’re having dinner, not a freakshow. And you can’t call anyone a “broad” either. “Dame” maybe, but not “broad.”

    JP: a good thought, but the Remote but Luxurious Mansion is too far for horse-drawn carriages: and they don’t provide a speedy getaway to anyone exposed as a blackmailer, card cheater, serial adulterer or spy. Rolls Royce limousines also have a small storage area for Grey Poupon and Cristal. (and I don’t want to clean that stuff up either)

    And, the financial news is just too…depressing. I mean find me the light at the end of the tunnel?

    Not in manufacturing. We scare them away and tax and litigate against the fools that remain.

    Not some hoped for rise in real estate equity –despite the the lemming-like business writers who grasp at every crumb of news as a basis for “Real Estate prices Seem to be stablizing,” or “Buyers Showing Interest Again.”

    They’re like titanic passengers looking at the rear of the ship turning up who insisted the propellers were being cleaned.

    Not from law firms-they’ve sued every business they can find for not hiring, promoting, etc every manner of lay about, drug addict, felon, and so on; in California they sue for not being able to prove former emplyees got “lunch breaks” even if they did and “rest breaks” even if they did.

    Prudent employers leave California or adopt new paperwork to be able to “prove” their employees took lunch.” Its a big problem in the US you know–employees being denied lunch breaks. Not being able to use the restroom. So law firms are looking around: who’s left to sue?

    Not light bulb makers: GE closed its last incandescent bulb factory and the new mercury filled ones you need a hazmat team to clean up if broken are made in china.

    Lawyers and bar associations and law schools deserve a big share of the blame. None stepped in to moderate the ferocity of lawsuits like the one against WalMart the Supremes just tossed out.

    Or even back in the late 60′s early 70 with the US suing the then successful IBM for monopolistic practices–hounding it for over a decade, distracting it, diverting its resources. Lawyers helped make the US a terrible place for manufacturing. We are now paying the price.

    As a country we’re living off the trust fund our ancestors left to us. Not much of that left.

  42. Li Yuan Says:

    What this? Why Pig and JP always together? They Siamese twin?

  43. Larry Says:

    Li Yuan, do you agree with Confucious’ saying about man who go to bed with itchy asshole wake up with smelly finger?

  44. Alan Says:

    Fresh materials please!!!!!!!!!!

    Coming back here is like revisiting a chick who refuses to use Vagisil!

  45. pig Says:

    While waiting for “fresh” material, has anyone else become enamoured of the “Game of Thrones” on HBO? Its great series. I just finished 2 trials and am really tired so I can nw wtach the rest of the episodes. I reccomend it to anyone ins eacrh of a show before Entourage comes back on.

  46. stephen Says:

    i’ll bet you a hondo it doesn’t happen. shit, i’ll even lay odds.

    vinny isn’t going to die because they plan to make a movie after the show.

  47. Li Yuan Says:

    When this blog get new? Old blog smell bad.

  48. Alan Says:

    I will agree with Li Wan. This blog is as stale as a stanky old broad’s crotch who’s all f***ed out. Get a new post, fella! It will give Pig and JP something to ruminate over.

  49. Pig Says:

    Actually I am here in a law firm looking down Ellen’s blouse, resting my right hand on her thigh, and watching her comment on some other website. She really does randomly lock the CAPS and really does say “fooey.” Not smart though.

    I still bet Vinny doesn’t die, (rehab in a scummy rehab facility for him–no “Promises” rehab and the Slut dumps him), Sloan kicks E out because of his incessant demands for anal and has him arrested for the assault he committed while trying to get it, whihc ruins his reputation and costs him his cleints, Turtle is gunned down in a gang free for all outside a liquor store where he is trying to see if they stock that weird tequlia (but will he live?), and Jamie Lynn Siglier comes to his bedside and notices for the first time how big a stomach he has, and turns around and leaves, Drama is diagnosed with prostrate cancer or aids, (anything–he is so tiresome), Ari is kicked out by his aging but still hot wife, and has to live with Vinny while hoping to do that agent he fired and Ari’s hot wife makes a play for….wait. Why am i giving up all these ideas for free? .

  50. Anonymous Says:

    Ellen needs a man to give her a good boning. I have not seen her elsewhere, but you can have her, Pig.

  51. Best stock market tutorial Says:

    it must be hard to know the trends nowadays yeah.I’ve several experts reviews posted on my site.

  52. JP Says:

    Yeah, Mr. Spam, that stock market trend of straight up since March 2009 is hard to spot.

  53. JP Says:

    Ellen isn’t allowed to post on BL1Y’s real blog, Consitutional Daily.

  54. Ellen Says:

    JP/BL1Y: Ask me if I CAR! FOOEY ON YOU!

  55. Not a Lawyer Says:

    Why Ellen? What did you do?

  56. Ellen Says:

    Who know? They evedently only want IVY league lawyers plus NYU, which BL1Y went to, but not Georgetown. Fooey.

  57. pig Says:

    perhaps if you kept your blouse buttoned…

  58. JP Says:

    What did Ellen do? She made a comment.

    That was enough for BL1Y to nip that in the bud.

  59. Ellen Says:

    I think Pig and JP are the same guy, and it is also the SAME guy as BL1Y.

  60. Pig Says:

    ellen, you’re just upset because we all know you are Alma. But you can’t be upset if you were banned from that other site: they are trying to be pretentious there, and you are not in the right image.

    But if I were BL1y, I’d update the material as often as I post AND I’d send people out to eavesdrop on lawyers and report back on big firms and their problems–sort of an American lawyer meets national inquirer.

    I’d also set up a spanking competition-I’d solicit money until we finally had enough to buy you out of your prim little life and into a contest to see who would be selected to spank you on film: I’d nominate your magaining partner, Hank and one other and let people send in money to vote. I bet I’d get god ratings ons oe cable show: “associate Spanking.”
    But you’d have to look good-no one wnats to watch some old women with cats get spanked.

  61. Ellen Says:

    Fooey on you Pig. I am very pretty, I do NOT need for men to OGEL me. And I will not bare my boobies for anyone other then my boyfriend, when I have one. Fooey on you!

  62. pig Says:

    wait.. you just said on bitter lawyer that you did have a bf. you fibbeth. besides, i said a spanking contest, not a typing , or vocabulary contest where you would lose.

  63. Alan Says:

    It’s been a week, and its the same crap. JP and Pig sniffing around Ellen’s crotch. WTF!!! Lets get some fresh material! Next thing you know, these two dudes will be sniffing around some of the real oinkers/stinkers.

  64. Li Yuan Says:

    Why only sniff crotch? Not men?

  65. Bill Says:

    Here is one for Li Yuan:

    Q. What is the definition of “making love”?

    A. Something a woman does while a guy is fucking her.

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