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2 Responses to “Blind Drunk Suggestions”

  1. JP Says:

    Not a Lawyer: Gold seems to be in a major correction with a secular bull market.

    As someone who doesn’t buy or trade gold or silver, my analysis is that gold will ultimately enter a major parabolic blowoff and then crash. I wanted to buy it back in 2003, but my conservative wife wanted me to dishoard my debt first.

    I’m more concerned about hedging my core GRZZX position with IWM (which I did yesterday before the close).

    We really won’t know anything about Gold, Silver, or the market until Bernake tells us what he’s going to go at Jackson Hole. Bernake may feel like killing this bear market in stocks. That will make me sad. :(

    I have a stay at home wife. Actually, she’s only partially stay at home. She’s a part-time hostess at a beach restaurant. It comes with perks like getting your photograph taken with Will Ferrell (that was about two weeks ago).

  2. Says:…