NOW That’s What I Call Retarded

In case you didn’t see the Pam and Tim Tebow Super Bowl commercial, here it is:

Leading up to the Super Bowl, women’s groups denounced the ad as anti-choice, despite all advance news of the ad suggesting nothing of the sort.  The ad is meant to urge women to choose life, but does not advocate removing that choice.  If advocating for one choice over another is anti-choice, then condom commercials are anti-choice and Obama girl is anti-democracy.

After the ad aired, the general consensus from major news outlets was that the ad was very unoffensive and no one would even have thought it was anti-abortion if it hadn’t been for all the people denouncing it ahead of time.

But not everyone had such a sensible take.  Terry O’Neill, president of the National Organization for Women (NOW) had this to say:

I am blown away at the celebration of the violence against women in it. That’s what comes across to me even more strongly than the anti-abortion message. I myself am a survivor of domestic violence, and I don’t find it charming. I think CBS should be ashamed of itself.


This is clearly not violent.  Roughhousing, sure, but it’s not violent.  We know this because if Tim had tackled his dad no one would have said a word about it.  But apparently Ms. O’Neill thinks that a woman isn’t as strong as a man.

“You’re not nearly as tough as I am,” Pam tells Tim.  Apparently Pam Tebow disagrees that women are frail, weak creatures that need to be protected from the wanton violence of men.

And of course, I have to point out the context this was in.  It’s was on during the freaking Super Bowl, 60 minutes of men smashing into each other.  An roll in an F-16 fighter jet pulls about 9 gs.  A hard hit in football can easily get over 100 gs.  Pam Tebow’s hit (because it’s obviously simulated) comes in at about 4 gs.  So yeah, let’s treat women as though they can’t handle the force of a roller coaster, and immediately rush them to the hospital to check for concussion when they endure the 2.9 gs of a sneeze.  That’s the best way to promote equality.

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5 Responses to “NOW That’s What I Call Retarded”

  1. thenambypamby Says:

    If only the ads with the half naked men could have been as tasteful as this one.

  2. bl1y Says:

    You’re just scared by the fact that men are owning their sexuality.

  3. Guano Dubango Says:

    I would not bang this woman, so that is my choice for birth control.

  4. j'lynn Says:

    All I knew heading into the Tebow commercial was that it was suppose to be anti-abortion. When it was over I was like, ‘WTF was that?’ I didn’t find it offensive and actually thought it was kind of a sweet ad really. Also, as a survivor of domestic violence myself, I did not find it offensive in that context either.

    My guy said that there have been remarks with regards to the Doritos commercial of the little boy slapping Mommy’s date is promoting violence. Seriously!?! Come on people…

    Obviously these folks do not have enough to do!!

  5. bl1y Says:

    I think what happened was the NOW president decided in advance that the commercial was offensive. Then, when it didn’t pan out to be anti-choice, she had to find some other reason to be offended by it.

    The fact that a person who is obviously so closed minded is president of NOW just shows how useless that organization is.

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