No Ticket!

SmithEven after conquering the sky and reaching out into space, scientists still marvel at how a creature with such an unwieldy shape as a bumblebee can fly.  And now the gossip rags are wondering how someone so awkwardly shaped as Kevin Smith can’t fly.

Kevin Smith was recently booted from a Southwest Airlines flight for being (in his words) “way fat.”  Southwest requires that passengers be able to fit comfortably and safety into its seats or make other accommodations.  Mr. Smith had originally made such accommodations, purchasing a second seat to compensate for his largess.  But, he put himself on a stand-by list, hoping to make it onto an earlier flight.  That earlier flight only had one free seat, and after getting settled the pilot had Mr. Smith removed, citing he was too big for the plane.

Hilarious law suit waiting to happen.

I think neither side has a very defensible position though.  Kevin Smith knew he was too big for one seat, as evidenced by the fact that he bought a second seat to begin with, and that he sees himself naked every morning.  But Southwest should have known he was too big to get the stand-by seat, and given it to someone else.  It’s not like when customers are buying online, he had to be there in person to get the seat, and if they’re going to turn him down, do it before seating him on the plane.

Mr. Smith is arguing that he was able to fit in the seat with the arm rests down, which is the Southwest guideline.  I don’t know how exactly their rules are written, but I think the general principles of safety and comfort should trump.  So think about this: You’ve just sat down in a window seat, and the pilot has announced the flight will be full, so please use the storage space under your seat to free up room in the overhead compartments for larger bags.  Then, you see him, a behemoth of a man waddling down the aisle.  He passes by a few empty seats without even looking at them and then looks right at you, then the number over your head.  Oh yeah, he’s sitting down next to you.

How comfortable do you feel?

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3 Responses to “No Ticket!”

  1. Sassy Says:

    I think you summed it up well there at the end. I definitely think that safety should be the main concern but then the passengers sitting next to him as well. No one wants to be uncomfortable for an entire flight because someone else is too big for their seat.

    Fortunately, I have never had that happen. Unfortunately, could make “larger” size seats and make like one row of them just to accommodate situations like this. I don’t know of any that do such a thing though.

    Sidenote: I didn’t realize Kevin Smith was that large.

  2. bl1y Says:

    They don’t need to make special seats, since larger passengers are allowed to simply buy two seats instead.

    I think this will ultimately be good press for Southwest. I’d like to know that my airline would rather insult a fat passenger than put another customer through a terrible flight. Someone has to suffer, and it should be the person who’s causing the problem, not the innocent neighbor.

  3. Bill Says:

    If I had some one with such a fat ass seated next to me, I would ask to be moved, because as you know “contents tend to shift during flight” and I would not want this load shifting on to me.

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