I Choo Choo Choose Not to Participate

I just got a call from the NYU alumni people asking me to donate money to the school.

NYU Chugger: “We’re hoping to get everyone to contribute and are asking for you to make a donation of $250.”

BL1Y: “Sorry, but I can’t.  I recently got laid off.  Can you send me some money?”

NYU Chugger: “Well, what we really want is just for everyone to contribute, so can you contribute even just $35 to show that you enjoyed your experience at NYU?”

BL1Y: “No.  I didn’t enjoy it.”

NYU Chugger: “Can I ask why not?”

BL1Y: “You don’t have the time to hear it all.”

Are they serious?  Their records should show that I paid for school with private loans.  Even if I was still working, where would I have the money to donate to the school?  If I give money anywhere it’s either to the undergrad literary journal I worked on, or to establish a scholarship for the philosophy department.  I’m sure as hell not going to give money to NYU.

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One Response to “I Choo Choo Choose Not to Participate”

  1. j dox Says:

    OMG they called me on Valentine’s Day! I also said that I did not enjoy it and explained how I was an indentured servant. Also $250??? They asked that of me as well. What a rip.

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