Worst. Career Move. Ever.

LawJobs.com posted an article by Leslie Kart Gross and Jennifer L. Smutts on with what has to be the most horrible career move an attorney could ever make: join the staff.  You’d think an article by Gross & Smutts would be exciting…not the case:

Today, there is no need to leave the legal profession just because you no longer wish to practice law. There are a number of different administrative roles within a law firm setting for which attorneys are particularly well-suited.

Here’s a reason to leave the legal profession because you no longer wish to practice law: you don’t have to stay in the legal profession!  The only reason to be in the legal profession is because you’re a lawyer.  The environment is toxic and the people are wretches.

As a former attorney, you can expect the environment to just get worse.  Other staff members will come to you with legal questions (is our advertisement legal? do we need to fix this section of the employee handbook?), so you’ll get stuck doing legal work, but won’t be compensated as much as an attorney.

The attorneys will treat you like a special ed case, unable to hack it as an attorney and now forced to work with the mouth breathers and paste eaters.  And don’t expect to fit in with the other staff.  Legal staff know that attorneys look down on them, and they’ll think you still do.

Finally, what type of mental defect do you need to have to want to work in a law firm?  Do you really think that lawyers are all super smart, powerful people and that being around them will be fulfilling and make you an important part of an important team?  Induce vomiting immediately, you’ve drunk the Koolaid.

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4 Responses to “Worst. Career Move. Ever.”

  1. Lawyer for Hire Says:

    valid points, but the paycheck still beats Burger Biggie, and beggars can’t be choosers.
    Seriously, you can make more as a Federal paralegal than as a state attorney.

  2. Bill Says:

    Hey, a job pays the rent, and even if it’s a crappy job, unless we’re lucky enough to be living with a woman that has her own place, we lawyers have to pay the rent too, so I vote to go for the crap job.

  3. bl1y Says:

    I’d rather continue collecting unemployment than work in a law firm in any capacity.

  4. Guano Dubango Says:

    Let me perhaps to make a statement. You may relate this to your friends. BL1Y, unemployment does not last forever, so be mindful of this as you move forward.

    I hope you find good work that you enjoy. The legal field is not the best. I am working very hard, and for many hours.

    I also do not have a steady woman so I must find companionship where I can.

    Perhaps when I find a suitable woman, my days will be easier.

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