Rape Perjury Conviction, Quarter of an Eye for an Eye

Biurny Gonzales, a 27 year old Bronx woman, has been convicted of perjury for the false rape claims she made against William McCaffrey.  She had accused McCaffrey of raping her at knife point in 2005.  McCaffrey has spent 4 years in prison for the crime, and has been released after Gonzales’s confession.  She has been sentenced to spend 3 year in prison, but will become eligible for parole in 1 year, a quarter of the time McCaffrey spent in prison because of her lie.

So what was Gonzales’s reason for the false accusation?

She had been out with her friends one night and accepted a ride from McCaffrey.  When she returned to her friends later they were mad that she ditched them, so she made up a phony story about being raped to get their sympathy.  Then she reported the story to doctors, police officers, prosecutors, a grand jury, and the jury that convicted McCaffrey.

It’s a victory for the criminal justice system that someone making a false accusation of any crime is convicted.  But, 1-3 years in prison seems like an awfully light punishment.

I think Ludacris can sum up this case the best:

You doing ho activities

With ho tendencies

Hos are your friends, Hos are your enemies

With ho energy to do what you do

Blew what cha blew, screw what cha screw

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3 Responses to “Rape Perjury Conviction, Quarter of an Eye for an Eye”

  1. Kevin Says:

    This is absurd. In such an instance, an individual responsible for a lengthy imprisonment of another person based upon false testimony, upon recanting should be imposed a sentence equal to the greater of (a) the time served by the individual falsely accused, and (b) the sentence imposed in connection with the perjury. Further, said individual should be wholly ineligible for early release.

    I hope this piece of garbage is sued for every penny she has as a result of her actions.

  2. Bill Says:

    You have to be careful when you pick up a good looking chick out of a group of dogs. Even if you get the pick of the litter, if you bang her on the first nite, she may have second thoughts once you show her the door and make up crazy stories to try and preserve her virginal reputation with her dog-like friends who never get anything.

    I think its best to get “to know” the chick before fully heading for the hoe-down, meaning don’t screw her (in any way) the first nite out. Once you establish a relationship (3 dates) you can safely bang the living daylights out of her and not get falsely accused of taking her maidenhood from her.

  3. es Says:

    Recently, Crystal Mangum, the woman at the heart of the Duke Lacrosse fiasco a few years ago was arrested for arson and attempted murder (of her own children).

    People forget that the whole reason the Duke Lacrosse thing happened was because Mangum was being arrested in a convenience store parking lot for public intoxication, and her children were going to be taken away by NCDFS, at which point she started screaming that she had been drugged and raped. Imagine how this story ends if that wasn’t the Duke Lacrosse team but the NC A&T Basketball team.

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