Get the Judge a Goat!

Several NHL stars may have just killed their chance at winning a multi-million dollar law suit, reports the New York Post.  The players are suing golf-course developer Ken Jowdy, who allegedly took money from the players to invest in real estate, but ended up spending the money on parties with porn stars and Roger Clemens.

Several players, including Sergei Gonchar who played with the 2009 Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins, missed depositions they had been ordered to attend.  Their absence may cost them the case.

So what did Gonchar and the other players find more important than attending a deposition?  Competing in the Winter Olympics.

Given that courts have allowed continuances so that clients, attorneys, and probably the judges themselves could watch the Alabama Crimson Tide in the BCS Championship, New Orleans Saints in the National Football Conference Championship, or the LSU Tigers in a national championship game, it seems like it would have been easy to get a court to reschedule a deposition so that witnesses could participate in the Olympics.  My guess is there was just some bad lawyering going on.  Or maybe the court didn’t like that Gonchar is playing for Russia.

If the players do lose their suit over this, I suggest filing the following appeal:

Get the judge a goat!

Get the judge a goat!

Get the judge a goat so he’ll stop fucking us!

[Credit to University of Alabama in Huntsville BYTOR hockey fan club for the cheer.]

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2 Responses to “Get the Judge a Goat!”

  1. Guano Dubango Says:

    Why is not BL1Y adding witty commentary to our posts? Perhaps he has taken our advice and gotten lucky with a woman in New York City? Please to advise if you need more advice with the women once you have brought them back to your apartment.

  2. bl1y Says:

    Guess you haven’t been following the plot, but I haven’t lived in NYC for a couple months.

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