[Update: Go here for my revised ICWA help.]

It’s ICWA time again at NYU School of Law.  ICWA is the Indian Child Welfare Act, which is the main statute involved in the NYU lawyering program’s largest project of the year, a brief on a pre-trial motion along with an oral argument before a judge or attorney playing a judge.

I was reminded that it’s that time of year again when I looked at the search engine queries that have brought people to this site.  A search for “icwa nyu” is almost certainly from someone trying to find a lawyering program alumnus who has posted their old memo or other useful information.

If that’s you and you’d like some help, simply e-mail me at nycbl1y@gmail.com and I’ll be more than happy to give some advice.  I promise not to turn you in, and you can create a gmail account with a fake name if you’re worried.  It’s been a while since I did the ICWA project, but there are some things I remember learning from my judge that were incredibly important, and which my lawyering professor never mentioned or even appeared aware of.

Think this is cheating?  Meh.  Lawyering is ungraded, so your doing better does not hurt anyone else.  I’m not going to write your memo for you, I’m just going to give you tips that will help you write a better memo.  Basically, all you’re doing is learning how to be a more effective advocate, which is exactly what lawyering is supposed to teach you.

[Earlier: Check out this hilarious e-mail exchange between a lawyering teaching assistant and two students about how the class wasn't giving ICWA or lawyering the kind of respect they deserve.]

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2 Responses to “ICWA FML”

  1. bl2y (no relation) Says:

    For those of you on the state side, here are a few free hints and a way to really irk your ultra-liberal tribe side adversaries.

    First, there was an attempt at making an ICWA for African Americans that failed horribly. Read up on it.

    Second, and here’s where people get really upset, stress that the whole thing is about putting the interests of the parents and the tribe over that of the child. That elicited a severe reaction from my adversary during oral arguments.

    Third, if you’re on the tribe side, just cry and whine since that’s really the only argument you have.

  2. bl1y Says:

    Neither the black ICWA nor the angle that it’s placing tribe interests over the child’s were discussed in my lawyering class, either before or after the oral arguments.

    Way to go, NYU.

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