Stephen Colbert Makes Wayne Brady Look Like Bryant Gumbel

First thing’s first, zoom on over to Huffington Post and check out the video of Stephen Colbert turning Sean Hannity into his bitch.

The clip is pretty standard fare for Colbert.  With some green screen technology and old clips from Hannity’s show on Fox, Colbert creates a fake interview in which he pimps out an all-to-eager Hannity.  And, as if Colbert wasn’t funny enough, here’s Ann Bartow’s take on the whole thing:

More evidence that Supposedly Liberal Dudes view women as second class citizens. The way that Colbert frames prostitution as the most degrading thing possible is creepy and sad. And anyone who thinks legalization would make any difference in the level of contempt thrown at people who sell sex should investigate similar cultural references to women in pornography.


First of all, Colbert isn’t necessarily liberal, he just has a liberal fan base.  There is little evidence of what Colbert’s political views are.  Sure, his show ridicules the right, but he always goes after the extremists and fanatics.  Plenty of people on both sides are fed up with the crazy fringe elements.  The only thing we really know is that Colbert is a devout Catholic.

Moving on, the clip does nothing to suggest women are second class citizens.  In fact, it doesn’t even mention women.  It mentions prostitutes, but in the context of gay prostitution.  Apparently to Ann Bartow prostitution is an issue which only concerns women and gay prostitutes (who face far more dangerous working conditions than women) simply don’t matter.  I guess they’re third-class citizens.

Colbert also never suggests that prostitution is the most degrading thing ever.  In fact, the idea of pimping out Sean Hannity seems to suggest that the sex industry may be a respectable way to earn your keep.

Once again, some brilliant analysis from the fine minds educating American law students.  (Ann Bartow is a professor at the University of South Carolina School of Law, where she teaches intellectual property, and is an administrator for the Feminist Law Professors Blog.)

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4 Responses to “Stephen Colbert Makes Wayne Brady Look Like Bryant Gumbel”

  1. Bill Says:

    This is pretty interesting stuff. I always thought that Steven Colbert was Jewish. He and Ben Stiller are so much alike.

  2. bl1y Says:

    Colbert teaches Sunday school. Have you ever heard him quote from the Bible?

  3. Strelnikov Says:

    “This is pretty interesting stuff. I always thought that Steven Colbert was Jewish.”

    The guy is Catholic; maybe you are confusing him with Jon Stewart?

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