Great Taste, Less Filling

Vergina“Some beers are sweeter, some are drier, some are heavier, and some have a hint of chocolate flavour.”

Help the Greek economy, suck down a cool, refreshing Vergina.

“VERGINA WEISS” is a wheat, foamy beer with a hazy appearance, which comes from a special top fermenting yeast. Its ingredients are wheat malt, barley malt, special caramel wheat malts, aromatic Tettnanger hop, top fermenting yeast and water. The special top fermenting yeast which “VERGINA WEISS” is made from, gives a rich, fruity aroma that reminds of clove and banana.

Top. Fermenting. Yeast.

“VERGINA” is an exclusively Greek product, it is made from excellent raw materials and it is fermented by classic fermentation for 21 days.

Word on the street is, after 3 weeks of fermentation, the Vergina brewery is taken off line for a week to clean out the pipes.

You just can’t make this stuff up.  According to Macedonian Thrace Brewery, Greece was the ancient birth place of beer, but the modern country has gone without its own brewery until now.  So, with Vergina Lager, MTB popped that elusive Greek brewing cherry.  But, like any young intoxicant, Vergina has a lot of work ahead of it.

The company’s objectives and goals for the immediate future are to:

• Improve its competitiveness.

• Accelerate its rate of growth.

• Maintain its reputation and advantages already gained.

• Increase its productivity.

Particular emphasis is given at the sector regarding the providing of the best possible services towards the clients and the ensuring of quality on the basis of international specifications.

RedSounds like the Greeks have found themselves one Vergina that’s really dedicated to giving the people what they want.  Just be sure to steer clear of Vergina Red.

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2 Responses to “Great Taste, Less Filling”

  1. thenambypamby Says:

    The best humor is the stuff you can’t make up.

  2. bl1y Says:

    I was actually thinking about that at some point during the 60 hours I spent on the road last week. A lot of true stories would be completely uninteresting if we said they were fiction. Take any reality TV show like the Real World or The Hills. I know they’re still heavily edited and contrived, but would anyone watch them if they weren’t branded as real?

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