How to Get Guys at Bars to Talk to You (Other Than Being Super Hot)

Once again, a perfectly fine day spent trawling the internets for dumb girls saying silly things, but this time I actually found a girl offering some reasonable tips on what girls can do to improve their chances at meeting guys. Head over to The Quest for Romance (awful, awful name) to read the full article, then read below for my analysis.

“So let’s face it: it’s all about making yourself look available. But in a good way. A fun, easy-going, approachable way, so that by the end of the night you come home with a number.”

Close. It also helps if you’re willing to actually approach a guy and initiate conversation. The passive approach means if we don’t notice you you’re shit out of luck. Also, it’s okay to come home with three or four numbers, we do it. You never know who will call, who will answer, and who will simply flake. More numbers mean more chances.

2. Big jewelery works.

Ok, so I have no scientific evidence for this either. Other than personal experience, where I’ve been chatted up by guys because of some loud piece of jewelry I was wearing.”

Again close, but a little off the mark. It’s not jewelry in particular that helps, but rather wearing one interesting item. Even guys who are great at talking to girls can have trouble with the initial ice breaking. An interesting object gives a guy who wants to talk to you an easy way to start up a conversation. (Guys, you can use the same thing to make it easier for shy girls to talk to you.)

“3. Smaller groups improve your chances of meeting guys.”

Definitely do not agree. It’s more about the disposition of your group that the size. If your group is arranged in one big circle and everyone is talking to everyone else, then you can encounter problems. Though, I’ve barged into the middle of a circle to ask a girl who was on the other side for her number. And I got it. With all her friends watching.

…Anyways, if your group is the type that tends to splinter off into sub-groups, a large group is fine. I know I’d prefer a large group of girls simply because it increases the chances I’ll find someone friendly who will help me meet the other people, and a better shot at finding someone I connect with.

The thing you absolutely want to avoid, as Melissa touches on, is a group of two. In a group of two a guy can’t talk to you without your friend feeling shut out. Even if you try to include her in the conversation, she won’t want to stand there and watch you get hit on, and there’s a good chance she’ll get bored and cockblock.

5. Don’t get too drunk.

Another “duh” tip… but no guy is going to want to have to take care of the sloppy girl.”

Actually, there are plenty of guys who are more than willing to take care of the sloppy girl. But, while getting trashed may make it easier to meet guys, it’ll just be the wrong type of guy.

6. Give him the eye then look away quickly.

Actually, what you want to do is make eye contact, hold it for about two seconds, smile, then look away. If you look away too quickly he’ll interpret it as either inadvertant eye contact, or disgust at the thought of him looking at you.

For the ladies over there at Quest for a Better Blog Name, here’s a bonus tip that should help you out:

Make sure that exchanging numbers is not the end of your interaction. Most people only think to get a number when they’re about to part ways, but often this feels like a formality and it’s hard to tell how truly interested a person is. It’s often easier to just give you number but ignore his calls than to tell him you’re not interested to his face. If you’re really interested, keep talking to him for a good 5-15 minutes after exchanging numbers. He’s more likely to call you if he thinks you’re going to answer.

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