Chally Ho!

Chally is one of those scary, scary feminists you’ve heard about.

You know, the ones that make ridiculous, over the top claims that sound great to other feminists but don’t stand up to basic reasoning and logic.  She wrote on Feministe today about a survey in Australia covering people’s attitudes towards domestic violence.

I find the notion that anyone other than the person subject to a crime can do any excusing – or forgiving or anything along those lines – to be deeply wrong. It is of course not specified in the survey question who is doing the excusing, which tends to suggest that there’s some kind of objective decision-making power to be accessed: here, let we the public determine whether the violence committed against you was the okay sort or not, and what response is in order!

Yeah! Outlaw juries! Burn down the legislature!

Look, scary feminist lady, the whole idea of a criminal justice system is that the public (through its elected representatives in the legislature and peer-juries) determines what violence against you was okay, what was criminal, and what response is in order.  If we left it all up to the victim, pretty much every crime would carry the death penalty.  Okay, Chally does acknowledge this:

Legal punishments and such are up to the state, but forgiveness? The emotions around the events? All that stuff? Not up to not the state, not members of the public, but just those who have been harmed.

Actually, forgiveness and excusing your actions is, and should be, the domain of the state (as well as the individual).  The whole idea behind defenses and the intent element in criminal codes is that the state will forgive or excuse certain actions.  But not if Chally had her way.  Bye bye self defense.  Bye bye youthful offender.  Bye bye battered women’s syndrome.

Okay…maybe we should get rid of that last one.

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2 Responses to “Chally Ho!”

  1. Joe Says:

    I think there would be much less domestic violence if we didn’t have all of these ugly feminists telling our broads how to live and how to deal with men.

    Just because these ugly feminists can’t find a real dick to warm their crotches shouldn’t allow them to tell our broads how to treat us.

    If women would just admit they love sex, and just spread when we want to have sex, there would be no need for feminists.

    We could also get rid of the metrosexual guys that are setting bad examples for the rest of us.

  2. Henry Says:

    Joe, you must be more politically correct. We all need to work better with women if they are to be good companions.

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