Here’s What to Anticipate

Tomorrow at 8:00pm (eastern) I will be appearing on Here’s What to Think, hosted by PJ (, Dr. Rob ( and Some Crazy Cat Lady.  The show will be broadcast live through BlogTalkRadio, and you can listen to a recording later if you’re not able to catch it.

I’ll be talking about the legal industry and PickUp/Seduction culture.

Yeah…That’s right.

Anyways, please listen if you can.  There will be a live chat feature if you want to submit questions, make smarmy comments, or show your support.  And just so none of you are too confused, I’ll be called “Billy” because BL1Y is a bit cumbersome to say.

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One Response to “Here’s What to Anticipate”

  1. Gomer Says:

    Make sure to be honest, but not so much that you lose the babes. So many off them are just plain dumb, and don’t know dik about so much.

    I talked to a broad yesterday who complained about the pope. But she said he was named John Paul. Where has that broad’s head been. Not by my dick, but still. Don’t talk if you don’t know dik. You can use this in your show, BL1Y.

    Also, never tell a babe she’s smart if she’s not. Otherwise, she’ll tell you dumb things and you have to say she’s smart, if you care enough to bang her. If you don’t, then don’t even waste time buying her a drink.

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