Dear BL1Y: Where Are the Hot Lawyers?

This question came to me as a PM through the Real Social Dynamics forum.  I used to post there quite a bit, but left because it devolved into a circle jerk for fanboys and Tolle junkies.  I went back last week to check in on things in preparation for my appearance on Here’s What to Think, and within a few hours this message showed up:

Hey [BL1Y]. I wondered if you’d ever be back. I thought I remembered that you are a lawyer. If so, can you answer a burning question for me? Where are all the hot young lawyers hanging out? I meet teachers when I’m out, and nurses, and advertising execs, and marketing execs, and the occasional hair dresser etc., but I never run into hot young doctors or lawyers and I’ve always wondered if they are all married before they finish school or if they are hanging out at different bars and clubs.


There are no hot lawyers.  Sorry.

And if there were any, they’d be hanging out in the office.

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3 Responses to “Dear BL1Y: Where Are the Hot Lawyers?”

  1. Harriet Says:

    I am a lawyer, and I consider myself hot. Men do too. And I am not the only one. There were at least 4 women in my law school class that I thought were even hotter than me. So we are out there.

  2. Hank Says:

    I don’t think Harriet is hot. Women who say they are usually look like Janet Reno with a mustache.

  3. bl1y Says:

    It’s the old “a rich man doesn’t need to tell you that he’s rich” thing.

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