Wear the Pants

Apparently this ad from Dockers has been drawing fire from the feminist camp for glorifying the traditional view of manhood. The very same people who preach about accepting people with different ideas of gender and sexuality are at the same time trying to stomp out traditional manhood. It’s fine to be a feminine man but not to be a masculine man? Or is it just not okay to promote the virtues of traditional masculinity?

If you think the ad is sexist, take a second look at what Dockers is promoting. Generosity (helping little old ladies), industriousness, taking responsibility as a father, and in general bettering society.

Good for you Dockers, but I wear jeans.

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2 Responses to “Wear the Pants”

  1. Anon. Says:

    Take a third look. Women can’t be super heros, disciplinarians and grown ups? Men can’t drink lattes and eat salads? Dockers really thinks our society is genderless? Really? When men “wore the pants”, women were subordinate, stifled and reduced to homemakers, and men’s entertainment. Now they can vote…Yay, it’s all level now!

    Promoting hegemonic masculinity and heterosexuality is problematic because men feel inadequate when they can’t obtain these ridiculous standards. It’s very similar to the how women are portrayed in the media. The affects on women’s body image and mental and physical health can be damaging just as these messages of masculinity can be damaging for men. (But of course a “Dockers Man” can handle it).

    I don’t hate Dockers for this add. I’m not surprised they capitalized on men’s fears of ever appearing less than masculine. A society where people are conscious enough to critique the messages they are fed is a healthy one.

  2. bl1y Says:

    Enter evolutionary psychology. Most women, as an artifact of evolution, will prefer traditionally masculine men as their mates. Telling men it’s okay to stray from that norm, while politically correct, can easily lead to a worse society, where the men are unhappy because women aren’t attracted to them, and women are unhappy because there aren’t any attractive men.

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