Life Problem Stein – $25.99

Featuring my most awesome personal motto:

I don’t have a drinking problem.

I have a life problem.

This stein will not just explain to the world why you drink, it will also hold a 22 ounce beer, or one very massive Long Island Iced Tea.

Dear Law Profs Button – $6.49

Dear Law Professors,

If we wanted to watch socially awkward old men masturbate, we’d just go to Chat Roulette.

Can we learn something useful please?  Thanks.


Law Students

2.25″ button that will let your law professors know how you really feel.  Or, more likely, just let the person who sits next to you know, because what are the odds a professor will end up reading it?

Law Student Charm and Finances White T-Shirt – $21.99

This t-shirt sums up the reality of life as a law student:

Law Student:

All the Charm of a Lawyer,

And the Finances of a Student.

Law students don’t have a lot going for them, so ladies, latch on now and secure your pension plan early.

JD|MRS Women’s Cap Sleeve T-Shirt – $22.99

Let’s face it, there’s one joint degree program that offers far better financial stability than any other:


Come on ladies, you know you’d opt-out if you could.  Who the hell actually wants to bill 3000 hours a year for 10 years just to get promoted to service partner and bill 3500 hours a year for the next 20?  Get your JD|MRS and get out while you still have something that resembles a personality and a waist line.

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