Business Casual for Dummies

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Summer associates are about to be starting their first professional jobs.  Confused about what counts as business casual?  Read my new piece over at Bitter Lawyer and all your questions will be answered.

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Nine Ways to Not Screw Up Your Summer

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Jog over to Bitter Lawyer this morning and check out their 9 Summer Associate Don’ts.  They may seem like no-brainers, but sometimes this stuff just really needs to be said.

I’ve broken 1-5 and 7.  How about you?

Which of these summer associate rules have you broken?

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Lawyer Wimps – Part 3

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Be sure to take a quick jog over to and read the third and final installment in the Lawyer Wimps panel featuring The Philadelphia Lawyer, writing sensation Dr. Rob Dobrenksi, and yours truly.

In this last section we discuss what can be done to break lawyers out of their wimpy molds.

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