Blind Drunk Justice, Episode 3

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Blind Drunk Justice Episode 3

This week we explore exciting topics such as Facebook, dumb beer laws, the MPRE, Fantasy Football, Jersey Shore IP woes, and why no one wants to bang law women.  And if you think that stuff sucked, just imagine the parts that got cut out!

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Blind Drunk Promo, From Germany!

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Frankly, kids, making the promos is a whole lot more fun than editing the damn show…

Blind Drunk Germans

New episodes available every Friday.


Blind Drunk Justice, Episode 2

Posted in Blind Drunk Justice, News on September 3rd, 2010 by bl1y

Want to hear what it sounds like if you whittle 60 minutes of drunken nonsense into 20 minutes of radio gold?  Tough.  But, if you’re willing to settle for mediocrity, then have we got a show for you!

Blind Drunk Justice Episode 2

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And of course, Desktop Tower Defense 1.5, and N.


Blind Drunk Justice, Episode 1

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Blind Drunk Justice Episode 1

Welcome to the next episode of Blind Drunk Justice, where BL1Y and The Namby Pamby discuss topics we’re really not at all qualified to have an opinion on.  This week we tackle the controversy over the opening of U. Mass School of Law, advice we wish we had been given when we started law school, and the fine art of over-billing your clients.

You can follow the show and get updates via Twitter.

The plagiarism story mentioned on the show can be found here, and you can find Brush With the Law on Amazon.

And didn’t we already have an episode 1? Well, it was a test show, so let’s call it episode 0.

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Blind! Drunk! Justice!

Posted in Blind Drunk Justice, News on August 23rd, 2010 by bl1y

Welcome to the pilot episode of America’s newest and greatest legal news, gossip, and commentary podcast, Blind Drunk Justice, starring The Namby Pamby and yours truly.

Blind Drunk Justice – Test Show

This week (well, technically last Thursday) we discuss whether young lawyers are useless, the best value law schools, ABA plans to accredit foreign law schools, the greatest fictional lawyers (snubbed by the ABA Journal), and the boilerplate crap you put in client e-mails.

Feel free to share your thoughts about the show, I may actually read them.  And also, for more updates be sure to follow the show on Twitter.

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