5 Girls Who Should Be Banned From Dating Sites

Posted in Dumb Ideas Girls Have on January 12th, 2010 by bl1y

1. Girl who doesn’t live where she says.

Some girls, afraid of stalkers and other weirdos, won’t give the real city that they live in. This would make sense if you lived somewhere like Enterprise, Mississippi, a town of less than 500 people. But in most places, it’d be pretty hard to track someone down based on just a picture and (maybe) a first name. Not only are these girls paranoid to the point where you don’t want to date them anyways, but they screw up the whole system.

One of the first thing people filter for on dating sites is location. Most people on there actually want to meet someone, so they narrow the search to people who live in the same city. So, if you lie about what city you live in, the people who live in your city will never see your profile. Way to completely defeat the purpose of a dating site.

2. Girl with a bare bones profile.

Most girls will say they want a guy to be interested in more than just their looks. But, a lot of these girls keep dating profiles that do nothing to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. You like music? Wow! That’s soooo interesting! I’m totally going to take time out of my day to send you a message asking about your interest in music.

If you present yourself as a generic person, the only thing left to find attractive is your looks. So, either develop a personality or stop complaining when all we care about is the twins.

3. Girl who complains in her profile.

Worse than having a sparse profile is having one that’s full of bitching. Don’t mention your failed relationships. Everyone has them, and they’re not necessarily anything to be ashamed of, but it’s not something you want to advertise to people you haven’t even met.

Don’t complain about asshole guys. We don’t care that you’re getting a zillion messages a day from people you aren’t interested in. You sound like a stuck up bitch who just wants to show off how popular she is, and in doing so, you’re probably going to reveal that you have a generally low opinion of men. Not really what we’re looking for.

Don’t claim to have haters. Unless you’re a real life celebrity, you don’t have haters, you just have bitches you’ve pissed off by being a bigger bitch than they are.

And I’m only throwing in this last one because I’ve actually seen it, twice. Not making this up. Don’t mention being the victim of double digit rapes. Being a rape victim once is awful. Twice is tragic. More than 10 times though? Odds are you either exercise extremely poor judgment, or you just like to throw around rape accusations. Not going to attract many men by making them think they’ll be put on trial when you break up. …On the other hand, maybe you should keep that on your profile, so we know to avoid your psychotic ass.

4. Girl who isn’t there to date.

There’s a surprising number of girls on dating sites who say they aren’t there to meet anyone; some of them have it right in their profiles. The explanation is usually they just joined to take the quizzes or because a friend joined (and needed moral support?).

Don’t believe them. Believe that they aren’t interested in meeting anyone, but not their reason for being on the site. You don’t have to post five pictures (with at least one in your underwear) to take the quizzes or support your friend. You’re an attention whore. And, your waste of space profile makes it harder for people actually looking to find someone. Get out of the damn way!

5. Girl with all the angles.

Never trust a top-down picture; her tits are hiding her fat.

Never trust a girl ho doesn’t have a full body picture.

Never trust a girl who takes all her pictures from the same angle.

Assume a girl is only as attractive as her least attractive picture. Odds are she’s worse.

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