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Those of you familiar with the podosphere know that it’s pretty much impossible to have a podcast that doesn’t involve me in someway.  I’ve appeared on Here’s What to Think with the Philadelphia Lawyer, Doc Rob, and Donika, hardly a week goes by that Attention Crash Radio doesn’t talk about me, and NPR is considering bringing me on for A Prairie Home Companion when Garrison Keillor finally kicks it.

So, it should come as little surprise to you that yours truly was a guest on the Down By Lawcast, the internet’s second best legal humor podcast.  Go check it out and learn what many of us know all ready: washing dishes does not prepare you for a job as a prep cook.

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It’s Not About Prostate Exams

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I just recently finished up reading Assholeology by Steven Green, Dennis LeValle, and Chris Illuminati (yes, that’s his real name).  As the name implies, the book is a study on assholes, who they are, how they operate, and why it works.

The book is insightful and funny, but a bit thin.  At 208 pages, it’s already a bit of a lightweight, but even a lot of those pages are filled up with key phrases repeated in big offset text, like you’ll see in articles in magazines, and each chapter comes with a couple pages of recap, in case you couldn’t remember what you read a few minutes before.

“[A] lot of those pages are willed up with key phrases repeated in big offset text,”

There are a few humorous anecdotes, but we don’t get much insight into the people behind the stories, so they feel shallow and unimportant.  The stories about famous assholes are much meatier, because you’re likely to know a bit about the person and their personality.

With three authors working on the book, it seems like they should have been able to come up with a lot more to say, though I can’t really imagine what.  Maybe there just isn’t a book’s worth of insights into assholes.  For $9.32 (on Amazon) you can’t complain too much though.  I’d have appreciated a shorter, tighter text, but odds are that wouldn’t have passed muster with the publishers.

You can listen to Phila Lawyer, Dr. Rob, and Some Crazy Cat Lady chat with Chris Illuminati on Here’s What to Think.

The big take-away is that being an asshole, and not simply a jerk or a douchebag, is that it requires a lot of skills and smarts.  An asshole has to be able to back up what he says with either knowledge or (preferably) talent.  No one would be a fan of Dr. House if half his patients died.

This is a lesson that’s probably lost on a lot of the wanna-be assholes (Tucker Max fan boys, I’m looking at you).  If you’re not witty, full of facts, and able to pull your ass out of the fire, then you’re likely just a jerk or a douche, or an internet troll, not a merry asshole.

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