New Attention Crash Podcast

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(Just because I know I’m on Ben Corman’s RSS feed, so he’ll see that I’ve posted this here…)  Jog on over to and listen to the new episode of AC Radio (ft. Dr. Rob).  Good show, good way to keep yourself from being terribly bored on a Monday afternoon.

And, if enough people post that they listened to the show…um…I don’t know, I’ll do something fun.  I guess, when you post that you listened, post what you think your collective prize should be.  Maybe I’ll take your suggestion, but maybe not.  Who knows.

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Ladies, Please

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Back in March, a story appeared over on Life @ 160 titled The Worst Thing 160 Has Ever Done, in which he describes black mailing a girlfriend into having sex with him.

Then, a little while ago, Ben Corman of discussed the story on his radio show with Dr. Rob.  During the discussion, Corman contrasted 160′s story with the writing of Tucker Max.  Corman said that 160′s piece lacked the sort of self-aware remorse that Tucker has.  While Tucker does a lot of really terrible stuff, he is sure to convey that he’s aware of just how rotten it is.  160′s story lacks this self awareness.

But, in another post at Life at 160, 160 defends his story, noting that while the story isn’t self aware of its depravity, 160 himself is, and that he thought that the self aware writing style would have taken away from the piece.  And then Corman responded on his blog.

So, expert on everything that I am, I decided I’m going to weigh in.

In my senior year of undergrad I took an upper level fiction writing seminar.  Throughout the semester everyone wrote three short stories, and would be in the hot seat on three separate occasions.  When in the hot seat, everyone else in the class (who had read yourself earlier) would discuss it for about 30-45 minutes.

And you were expected to sit there and shut up.

You could answer basic factual questions.  Is the character named St. John supposed to be an allusion to Jane Eyre?  What does “contrariwise” mean?  What you could not do was defend your work against your classmate’s opinion.

Someone thinks the story drags at times, don’t respond.  Someone doesn’t like your word choice, keep quiet.  Someone thinks the story is pointless drivel that should be relegated to nothing more than a footnote in a Candace Bushnell novel, make a note of that.

Not only is it unseemly to defend your writing style, but it’s also a sign that your writing isn’t very good.  If you have to make an argument for why your writing is good, that means that the argument isn’t contained within the writing itself.  Your writing should speak for itself, and shouldn’t rely on having you following it around explaining it or defending it to critics.

Also, the first line in the “About” section of your blog should not be:

Life at 160 is a strange lifestyle-ish blog with a very slight legal slant. If we had a counter, it would read in the millions (seriously).

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Lawyer Wimps – Part 3

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Be sure to take a quick jog over to and read the third and final installment in the Lawyer Wimps panel featuring The Philadelphia Lawyer, writing sensation Dr. Rob Dobrenksi, and yours truly.

In this last section we discuss what can be done to break lawyers out of their wimpy molds.

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Congrats, Dr. Rob

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Congratulations to Dr. Rob for landing a book deal with Lyons Press.

Rob, be sure to drink lots of this:

And bang some of these:

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Here’s What to Think

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In case you bozos were not already aware, The Philadelphia Lawyer, Dr. Rob Dobrenski, and Some Crazy Cat Lady are teaming up to launch a new online radio show called Here’s What to Think.

Red Wine Reviews, Baby Hating, Music Snobs, Psychological Indulgence, Film Critiques, Best Bourbon Brands, Cultural Elitism, Lawyers Drugs and Money, Reverse Discrimination, Fancy Book Club, MSM Sucks, New Media Is Irresponsible, Navel Gazing, Jesus Loves You. Just kidding. It’s all of that and none; we just needed terms to help our search results. Listen and make of this what you will.

The pilot episode will air tonight at 8:00pm (Eastern) tonight, so be sure to log on and listen.

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