And You Will Know My Name is THE LORD When I Spit Up On Thee

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Dumb, gender-baiting bovine professor Bridget Crawford is at it again, this time campaigning against putting silly wigs on babies (sold by

I know some people find “baby wigs” funny and harmless, but I find them utterly disturbing.  In my view, putting a wig on a baby either (a) sexualizes the child; or (b) functions as a type of minstrelsy (coincidence that three out of four wigs shown above are meant to mimic hairstyles of black performers?), or both.  Yuck.  Children are not dolls or playthings.

Yes, this is the type of awe-inspiring intelligence that it takes to become a professor at Pace Law.  Now, I don’t know what goes on in Ms. Crawford’s pants, but I have a real hard time finding Donald Trump’s hair sexual.

As for whether slapping Samuel L. Jackson’s hair on your baby’s head is equivalent to a minstrel show revival, Bridget, you dumb fracking cow, grow up.  There is a world of difference between derision and admiration.  Coincidence that the hair of all four people mimics that of extremely wealthy members of the entertainment industry?  Clearly BabyToupee just wants to instill your child with snotty classism.

The mission of Santa Barbara, CA-based BabyToupee and SmallHuman, LLC is to show that while parenting can be a great responsibility, it can also be a source of endless amusement. The company’s goal is to bring creative and fun products to market that make parenting a little more fun, all while bringing a smile to the face of their children. Life is too short to take seriously… have fun with your baby!

Take that, Badget!  Children are playthings.  If you’re not playing with your baby, you’re probably a terrible human being and need to seriously reconsider your decision to have a child in the first place.

And, just to really drive home the point that BabyToupee isn’t an evil, racist, lolicon venture, the company donates 10% of its proceeds to charities that help children, including Locks For Love (providing *gasp* wigs to children who lose their hair from medical issues), and Story Teller Center (which provides early education for homeless and poor children).

Frack you Badget, and the fracking horse you fracking frack frack frack.

And if you have a baby, buy it a friggin’ wig.

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Reason Not to Go to Law School #39

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Women want you incompetent.

Specifically, the Association of American Law Schools Section on Women in Legal Education thinks you should be learning less law and lawyering skills while in law school.

The AALS Section on Women in Legal Education will hold a program during the AALS 2011 Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California, with panelists who will share methods of teaching gender in “core courses” such as legal writing, torts, contracts, corporations, federal income tax, civil procedure, contracts, or criminal law, among others not traditionally understood to include gender.  The panel will also include a paper presentation by the winner of “Teaching Gender as a Core Value” competition.

The 2011 AALS conference theme is “Core Values.”  The Section on Women in Legal Education will be focusing on teaching gender issues as a “core value.”  This includes both teaching gender across the curriculum and best practices for incorporating gender issues in the classroom.  While many in the academy are in agreement that gender issues impact a range of legal issues, what is less clear is how law faculty can successfully implement the pervasive teaching of gender in their classrooms and schools.  This program will include a variety of perspectives and will explore ways gender issues can be successfully incorporated into law school teaching.

Class time in law school is limited, so the addition of a new part of the curriculum will necessarily come at the cost of something else.  Law schools are already notoriously bad at teaching the law, and don’t do a particularly good job of teaching lawyering skills either.  The last thing they need is another completely impractical topic wedged into classes that already fail to accomplish their basic functions.

If students are interested in studying gender, they could have majored in gender studies, or can take one of the classes on gender or feminism now offered at virtually every American law school.  Note however, that while you can easily find a class covering gender, only a handful of law schools have classes that teach advanced writing skills, or how to draft a contract or a will (even if you take a wills class, you might not even see a complete will the entire semester.)

People seeking to submit papers for the program (only fully time professors are allowed) are invited to contact Professor Danne Johnson at Oklahoma City University School of law ( about this opportunity.  However, I suggest sending her a (politely worded) letter explaining that before we establish the “pervasive” teaching of gender in law school, we should first figure out how to have a pervasive teaching of law in law school.

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