At least if she has a girl, the pink slip will match

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A Florida woman has been fired from Southland Christian School for violating the school’s moral codes.  Jarretta Hamilton was fired for having sex weeks before getting married.  The extramarital relations were discovered when Hamilton requested maternity leave and a school principal became curious about the timing of her pregnancy.  He asked if she had sex before marriage, she answered truthfully that she had, and she was fired a week later.

Hamilton is now suing for, no surprise here, sex discrimination.  If the school had fired her for being pregnant, they’d be in trouble.  But, the school has maintained from the start that she was fired for the sex, which is different than firing her for being pregnant out of wedlock.  Perhaps the school administrators were just clever in their phrasing and were just trying to avoid paying maternity leave, but Hamilton will have a hard time proving the school wouldn’t have fired a male employee who had sex outside of marriage.

Unless the school gets a crappy attorney or someone says something stupid, this case is a loser.  Sure, pregnancy makes it harder to hide sex outside of marriage, but that doesn’t make the policy discriminatory.

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Crazy Professor, Once Offended by Being Called Crazy, Now Claims She Really is Crazy.

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Turns out there’s another legal angle to the Amy Bishop UAH shooting.  Some time last year a male colleague of Bishop’s called her “crazy” to another colleague. When Bishop found out, she responded by filing a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, alleging gender discrimination.

That case is still pending, but given that she ended up shooting six other faculty members, killing three, and is now pursuing an insanity defense, I have the feeling the comment about her being crazy has little to do with her gender and a whole lot to do with her being crazy.

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